SICK: Louisiana Judge Offers Convicted Criminals, Sex Offenders, Option To Skip Community Service If They Get Vaccinated

( Exclusive) – If you think you’ve seen all kinds of ridiculous incentives for Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccines, this one really takes the cake.

A judge in Louisiana is offering to allow convicted criminals the opportunity to skip out on community service if they get their COVID-19 jab. This offer has reportedly been extended to one defendant who has been charged with rape.

The Daily Mail reports that Judge Fred Crifasi has been permitting offenders sentenced to between 4 and 33 hours of community service by his 19th Judicial District Court the option of opting out if they agree to get vaccinated.

Papers obtained by WBRZ, a local affiliate of ABC, included details of one unnamed suspect originally charged with second-degree rape.

The charges against this individual were later downgraded to misdemeanor sexual battery charges and paperwork explained how he was given the option to get the shot instead of community service during a probation review.

It said: “Defendant owes 33hrs of CSW (community service work), court will allow proof of vaccine in lieu of remaining CSW hours.”

There were other documents that showed a second criminal being offered the shot instead of community service though it’s unclear how many criminals have been offered this and have taken it up.

Judge Crifasi’s offer to criminals comes as Louisiana is seeing one of the highest surges of COVID-19 cases in the state and also continues to have one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country.

The judge’s offer to do away with community service for those who choose to get vaccinated is supported by East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore who says that it isn’t uncommon for judges to offer alternatives to community service like getting a vaccine.

“Judges do innovative things like this all the time. For example, you have probably seen or heard in the past the judge would allow your donation of blood instead of community service work or instead of payment of the fine. If a judge is going to make this offer, I think it’s a reasonable one.”

However, there are many in East Baton Rouge who don’t agree with Judge Crifasi’s offer to replace community service with a COVID vaccine.

Jarrett Ambeau, a local defense attorney, said, “I don’t think the government is necessarily the right entity to be involved in me injecting something into my body. Judge Crifasi himself, individually, is incredibly fair. The point is when a government actor steps in to ask you to do something like, ‘Will I suffer for not doing it?’ And that is the question.”

DA Moore points out, however, that the convicted criminals who don’t want the vaccine can simply choose to refuse the offer and do their community service.

This isn’t the only instance of government authorities offering criminals incentive to get the shots. Inmates in Louisiana state prisons are being given $5 in “canteen credit” if they agree to be vaccinated.

As of Tuesday, about 68% of inmates were fully vaccinated which is double the state’s overall vaccination rate of 36.6%.

Looks like Democrats are getting awfully desperate to get these experimental shots injected into as many Americans as possible.

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