BREAKING: Whistleblower Comes Forward — Provides Proof Election Computers Were Connected To Internet (PHOTO)

( Exclusive) – We’ve been witnessing all kinds of new developments in the pursuit of election integrity this week, as Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, held a symposium were a whistleblower came forward with evidence that proves there’s some shady business going on in the state of Colorado involving Dominion Voting Machines.

We’ll chat more about that in a bit, but as it turns out, that individual isn’t the only whistleblower coming forward. According to Gateway Pundit, another person has stepped up to the plate with proof, an image from a computer (screen shot here) that was used at the TCF Center to process absentee ballots from a recent election that took place in the city of Detroit.

According to GP’s whistleblower, an individual who actually had access to the very room where the absentee ballots were being counted, election workers in Wayne County were told to keep laptops that were used in the counting facility on “airplane mode” at all times.

This all took place during the August primary election in Detroit for city official positions and a few local proposals.

The photograph was taken when the whistleblower turned off “airplane mode” on the laptop, which resulted in the following internet connections popping up:

-City of Detroit (actively connected to the computer)
-AV Connect
-Challenger Admin
-Challenger Checkin

“We shared the image of the computer screen with the former two-term MI Senator Patrick Colbeck. He explained to us that the image could be ‘an internal network, but definitely vulnerable to devices in proximity,’” the report said.

“The whistleblower who does not wish to be identified over fears of retribution also shared their concern over events that occurred at the TCF Center during the November 2020 election,” GP continued.

This type of thing was also witnessed during the 2020 presidential election in Michigan. Matthew DePerno is, as of this writing, the only lawyer in the country who has been able to legally gain access by a judge to a forensic audit of the Dominion machines that were used back in November.

DePerno posted up a series of tweets back in June of this year explaining how the election management system was accessed remotely and successfully logged into by an anonymous individual on two separate occasions on two different dates.

He kicked off his tweets by saying, “We’ve been lied to.”

“The Antrim County election management system (EMS) was REMOTELY and successfully logged into anonymously on 11/05/2020 at 5:55 PM and again on 11/17/2020 at 5:16 PM. Yes, that is correct . . . REMOTELY,” DePerno said.

“Those dates are significant because they correspond directly to the dates the county and SOS were trying to correct the intentional computer problems that subverted the election.

These logons appear to have escalated privileges at the time of logon. Again . . . REMOTELY,” he continued.

“We were told there was no internet connection. We were told there was no remote access. We were told this was human error. All lies. This is fraud. This decertifies the Antrim County election. SOS Benson should resign or be impeached,” he tweeted.

DePerno went into even more details during an interview in June on Steve Bannon’s War Room program.

The lawyer stated that the Antrim County system had been accessed remotely by an anonymous user and was then used to influence the GOP vote.

So now we know for sure that these machines can be accessed from a remote location, anonymously, which means that it’s absolutely possible to mess around with the ballot count and successfully steal a presidential election.

This is huge, folks. If you’re a true American, the fact that free and fair elections can be rigged so easily should scare you. This is the elite’s attempt to silence your voice.

Earlier this week, Ron Watkins, AKA CodeMonkeyZ, released a couple of photocopies that were allegedly given to him by an employee who works for the Dominion Voting Systems company. The documentation is more additional evidence that these machines can be accessed remotely.

According to another report from Gateway Pundit, a page from the Dominion playbook on RAID and BIOS settings was among the evidence presented (screen shots here and here).

“Our whistleblower is not from Arizona. “Our whistleblower is from one of the many other states that used the Dominion software. Our whistleblower went to excruciating effort to detail and archive everything possible. Our whistleblower was trusted enough to be given instructions on how to modify the BIOS,” Watkins said.

“The whistleblower reached out with footage filmed of the Dominion Election Management System inside an election center in one of the states that used Dominion software and hardware (not Arizona),” CodeMonkeyZ.

“As you will see in the video, the whistleblower initially discusses with a Dominion employee about who holds the BIOS password and it is discovered that the STATE is keeping the password – not Dominion, and not the county,” he went on to say.

“Later, the whistleblower asks the Dominion employee about connectivity and whether or not the machines can be connected to the internet…” Watkins stated.

“With just 1 minute and 17 seconds, we expose their most egregious lie,” he said.

In the run-up to Mike Lindell’s symposium, an expert cyber team was able to confirm that the votes cast on these machines in the last election could indeed be accessed and altered from overseas.

“Today we have explosive information that proves US election machines can be altered from overseas. An expert cyber team has proven that you can change votes in US election systems from overseas and ultimately alter election results. The team was even able to alter the dates on the data entries made overseas in a location in Asia to cover up their activities,” the GP report said.

Again, this goes hand-in-hand with the evidence that clearly proves these machines can be accessed remotely, which means from anywhere in the world, including overseas. This could be a possible connection to overseas interference in the 2020 election, utilized by the radical left as a means of influencing the election for Joe Biden.

“First, we must explain a few items. The election process begins with a ballot being filled out by an individual at the local library or similar type of polling location. The ballots are entered into tabulation machines after votes are selected by a voter. At the end of the day, all the votes in that location are summarized and a printout from the machine and memory cards are produced showing the results from that location. These results are carried to another location like the county seat where these votes are further consolidated in an EMS machine. This is where an attack of an election could occur where the votes could be flipped,” the report stated.

It’s also important to point out that the EMS devices have network cards and server modems which is what enables the machines to have internet access. This is how the changes are made.

“This is also why individuals involved in election steals do not want to review the hard copies of election results – the ballots. There is no functionality in the voting machines that prevent ballots from being tabulated numerous times like was observed in Fulton County Georgia on Election night. Because of this, election fraud is more likely committed at the local level. Tabulators can be set at the machine level and in most cases, the election sites are no longer managed by the state but rather by individuals from voting systems companies,” GP continued.

“Any election fraud committed through EMS devices could be identified through recounts of the ballots at the locations involved. This is why the audit performed in Arizona is so important. Any adjustments through machines or through shoving the same ballots through tabulation machines multiple times are identified in the forensic audit. The results of the Maricopa audit in Arizona are expected to show that,” the report added.

While we now know that these machines are capable of internet access and of being logged into remotely, there’s no way you can prove the votes were tampered with unless a forensic audit is performed. The “chain of custody” is the reason for this.

“If individual packets were obtained that were related to vote changes in the US initiated overseas, these packets would have to be protected and any and all movement or changes in custody of this data would have to be managed. This would be almost impossible to maintain at a level that could be used in a court of law. This is the ultimate challenge to Absolute Proof,” the report said.

So now we know for sure these machines can be accessed remotely and that it is possible to change the votes from overseas. We know that in order to verify this is what happened we need to see forensic audits of the ballots that were cast during the election. With everything we know, we can almost be assured that if an election steal occurred, it was done at the local level.

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