BREAKING: Texas Senate Passes Bill In Favor Of Forensic Audit

( Exclusive) – While there are many places around the United States where it seems like the tentacles of progressivism are starting to squeeze the life out of liberty, there’s one place that continues to be a bastion of conservative thought, belief, and action.

That, my friends, is the great state of Texas.

You probably already knew that, but hey, the Lone Star State deserves a big round of applause after the state Senate just passed a new piece of legislation that is in favor of a forensic audit.

According to Gateway Pundit, the Texas Senate passed the election integrity bill by a vote of 18-11 after an unsuccessful attempt at a filibuster came to an end after 15 hours.

The question we all need to ask here is why in the world the Democrats seem so scared of forensic audits? If things are fair and square, if the elections are truly above board, why are these people so terrified of having things examined for the sake of preserving a free and fair election?

I think we all already know the answer.

“The Texas Senate has passed a bill with new voting restrictions on Thursday morning, after a Democratic Texas lawmaker finished a roughly 15-hour filibuster where she had to speak constantly and not lean on her desk, eat, drink or use the restroom in protest of the state’s Republican-backed legislation,” The Daily Mail reported.

“Lawmakers in Texas’s upper house voted 18-11 in favor of the bill aimed at enhancing election security,” the report continued, adding, “Debate on the measure began Wednesday evening before State Senator Carol Alvarado began speaking continuously and wrapped just before 9 a.m. local time on Thursday.”

While Texas is a heavily conservative state with the vast majority of its residents believers in the principles of liberty that make this nation the greatest in the world, that doesn’t mean there aren’t folks who live there that want to see these things change.

In fact, lots of Democrats have been heading to Texas from California lately. And there’s a plan the left is trying to execute to turn this state blue.

Another report from GP reveals that Dr. David Clements and Seth Keshel are working together to analyze the election data from every state in the nation and are crafting a strategy for those who are interested in individualized forensic audit plans for individual states.

These two experts recently took a look at Texas where they discovered an estimated 675,000 fraudulent votes. The actual vote totals for the state were likely 55 percent for Trump, to Joe Biden’s 43 percent.

“Dr. Keshel estimated there were 675,000 excess votes for Biden, conservatively estimated, in the 2020 election. Biden was up 1.38 million votes from Hillary Clinton, with Trump also up at a record number 1.21 million votes from 2016,” the report stated.

“No party reg, heavy on 20-year pattern plus political trend. Trump trended Hispanic vote in Texas heavily Republican, but somehow “lost” Tarrant County and lost big margins in suburbs despite huge ~30% gains or more in all of them. Dem activity is obvious, many suburbs over 60% growth, huge urbans over 40%,” it continued.

To put it plainly, massive gains for President Trump in the cities of San Antonio, Fort Worth, and Houston are not in agreement historically with the corresponding huge jump Dems experienced in those counties during the last election.

“If accurate on the 675,000 excess vote, the Trump margin should have been roughly 55.4 to 43.1 (12.3%) with a margin of 1.3mm votes instead of 631k,” Keshel’s report noted.

The counties in the state that are the best targets for a forensic audit are Tarrant, Collin, Denton, Wichita, Taylor, Bell.

This is why it was necessary for the state of Texas to pass this new piece of legislation. Once again, Texas is a great example of the kind of measures every state should be taking right now to ensure that our election system is preserved.

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