GAME CHANGER: CodeMonkeyZ Releases Files At Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium

( Exclusive) – CodeMonkeyZ, also known by his real name, Ron Watkins, recently delivered a talk during MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium where he brought some alleged images that are “before and after” a software update was completed on Dominion Voting Systems machines located in Mesa County, Colorado.

According to Gateway Pundit, there were allegedly some serious connection and audio problems during his presentation, but nothing can stop what’s being done in the dark from being brought out to the light, even if it is kicking and screaming while it’s happening.

On Tuesday evening, Tina Peters, a Mesa County Clerk, came forward as the individual behind CodeMonkeyZ’s report concerning Dominion Voting Machines last week. Peters leaked documents to Ron Watkins the week before the Symposium was due to take place.

“This morning during Watkins’ presentation CodeMonkeyZ told the crowd his attorney Ty Clevenger had advised him to stop his review until Colin Hayes returns hard drives to Mesa County. Apparently, the hard drives were taken without permission,” the GP report said.

The folks at GP were finally able to confirm that the hard disks were not stolen from Mesa County. The source for the confirmation said that the hard drives were never removed from the County Clerk’s office, which is good.

In fact, Ty Clevenger stated that he has confirmed the files weren’t stolen and the data that’s on them is totally devastating for the Dominion Voting Systems company.

The documentation actually proves that Dominion was able to access their equipment during the 2020 presidential election remotely, which means they could have easily messed with the results and the ballot count without ever having to be physically present with the machines.

Watkins himself called into the Symposium on Wednesday where he gave a preview of some of the freshly uncovered data from Mesa County, Colorado. Another report from GP provides some play-by-play on what went down on the phone call presentation.

“CodeMonkeyZ is now looking through the logs for evidence of connectivity or deleted records as well as taking questions from the crowd, some cyber experts,” the report says.

We find out through this presentation that a lot of the data has been deleted. Keep in mind all of these election officials have claimed they do not have the admin passwords to the Dominion voting machines.

And Colorado isn’t the only state that’s probably sweating bullets right now over election fraud being uncovered and revealed to the masses. Watkins also has proof that election officials in the state of Michigan destroyed evidence when they changed the batteries in the voting machines.

Back in July, county election workers in the state of Michigan were threatening that they would break the law by totally ignoring the legal and enforceable cease and desist order by removing the batteries from the Dominion machines in their counties.

Essentially, by taking out the batteries and putting new ones in, you wipe the data off the machine, which is basically destroying all the evidence of wrongdoing that likely occurred when these folks worked toward stealing the 2020 presidential election from Donald Trump.

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