BOMBSHELL By Elections Expert: Five PA Counties Hold Enough Fraudulent Ballots To Flip The State To Trump

( Exclusive) – Back in July, on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” program, Professor David K. Clements from New Mexico State University and former Army captain and former baseball analyst Seth Keshel discussed their analysis of the 2020 presidential election.

According to a report from Gateway Pundit, Keshel then went on to drop a massive bomb during the show by stating that President Donald Trump actually won the state of Pennsylvania by 6-8 percent back in November of 2020.

Over that weekend in July, the pair of experts released a report that contained more details about the election in Pennsylvania last year that proves once and for all Trump was the rightful winner of the state.

“Even worse than I thought. PA was a slam dunk for Trump, with a 244k -12k (21 to 1 ratio) of net new registration in 4 years. Previously predicted Trump flip in 2016,” Keshel stated in his observations, “Fraud in PA horrific. Only 3 counties I see as relatively clean, with 27 classified with major fraud. 60 of 67 counties should have demonstrated GOP improvement per registration trends, but only 20 trended more GOP. Erie and Northampton were flipped, and should have been slam dunks for Trump.”

“Trump crushed Obama ’08 total in a shrinking state, only to be passed on strength of what I assess to be 504k excess votes!” The report said.

“Trump margin, if accurate, should have been 52.0% to 46.1% (5.9%), or 424k votes. A bludgeoning in keeping with registration trend,” Keshel’s report stated.

This past Sunday evening, Keshel released a brand new report that shows five counties in Pennsylvania that have enough fraudulent votes to flip the state back for President Trump (screen shots here and here). This is huge, folks.

“Here is the promised voter registration rolls with analysis on FIVE COUNTIES holding an estimated 92,000 extra Biden votes (AKA, enough to flip the state!)” Keshel said.

The five counties are Erie, Luzerne, Franklin, Montgomery, and York.

“This is only useful if you guys do something locally with it, demand action, and pressure the living hell out of the PA RINO coalition to have these explained. Every word in this document is understandable and we have the rolls for when they ask,” he continued.

This is absolutely true. People constantly underestimate the importance of paying attention to local politics in your area. If we really want change to happen, it’s never going to come about if we only focus on Washington. We can have a much greater impact by having an influence and say in our local communities, as this clearly proves.

However, according to details from Keshel and his expert analysis of the election results, it seems that Pennsylvania isn’t the only state that Trump won out of the key battleground states he mysteriously lost.

In fact, the former Army captain has confirmed that the data points to Trump winning Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, and Minnesota too.

“According to Keshel’s investigation there were conservatively 8,144,000 excess Joe Biden votes recorded in the 2020 election,” Keshel’s report found (screen shot here).

“Here is a tale of the tape for Excess Biden Votes based on trend analysis in the modern political era, considering population growth/decline, recent voter history, and registration information, including registration by party,” Keshel stated in a recent post.

“My estimates are always lenient, and do not account for cyber flipping of votes,” he said, adding, “Trump won: PA, MI, WI, NV, AZ, GA, MN.”

“Likely/Possible Trump if cyber flipping occurring: NM, VA, CO, NJ, NH,” Keshel reported. “Closer than you thought: WA, OR, RI, CT, HI.”

This is why it is so critical for Republicans in these states to start demanding that forensic audits be completed as soon as possible. We need to have what we know confirmed with hard proof and evidence. The election was a scam by the Democrats. They’ve been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. It’s time they pay the piper for what they’ve done.

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