Twitter Erupts Over Taliban Trolling Biden

( Exclusive) – Joe Biden is absolutely weak and pathetic and the entire world knows it, including, most significantly, the Taliban.

The Taliban just retook control of Afghanistan after 20 years of fighting and war. This spells bad news for the US but especially for Americans now stuck within the country.

Joe Biden went on vacation as Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, only returning briefly to the White House to blame President Trump, before returning to Camp David to finish enjoying his vacation.

The world is crumbling and Joe Biden is at Camp David, probably napping and eating ice cream.

The Taliban knows Joe Biden is weak and poses absolutely no threat at all to them. That’s why they ruthlessly mocked him in a picture in which several fighters posed with ice cream cones.

The picture eventually surfaced on Twitter:

The message is abundantly clear. They know Joe Biden is nothing more than a weak, incompetent senior citizen suffering from cognitive failure. They are not concerned whatsoever about the US under Biden’s regime.

When Trump was in office he made it clear that if the Taliban even so much as scared an American that his administration would hunt them down at their homes and bring the hammer down on them.

There was not a single American killed by the Taliban for the last 18 months of Trump’s administration. Not a single one.

Now Joe Biden has abandoned countless Americans in Afghanistan to fend for themselves. Americans will die. It’s inevitable now.

Biden was too cowardly to even own up to the disaster and subsequent new crisis he created. It wasn’t until Kabul had been officially overrun and overtaken by Taliban fighters and the US embassy evacuated Saigon-style before he came out of hiding to address the American people.

Even then, he refused to own the situation and managed to place blame on President Trump despite the fact that the Taliban never would have moved on Kabul with Trump in the White House.

Sources have even claimed that Biden attempted to get Kamala Harris to deal with the situation just like with the Southern Border but Harris refused to take the heat for this one.

Disturbingly, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby has admitted that the regime doesn’t even know how many Americans have been left behind, trapped in Afghanistan:

The best Joe Biden and his regime could do for Americans was to tell them to shelter in place. Then on Tuesday, they told Americans to try to get to the airport but that they were on their own and their safety could not be guaranteed.

The White House confirmed it cannot guarantee the safe evacuation of all Americans:

Absolutely pathetic. President Trump brokered historic peace agreements in the Middle East and there was peace! Biden has created yet another crisis and this one is going to cost Americans their lives.

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