University Drops Shocking Threat Against Unvaccinated Students Issues Sick Retaliation Announcement

( Exclusive) – We are quickly approaching an era of segregation in America. The ruling class elites and the rest of us. This development has begun moving even faster since the introduction of the experimental COVID-19 vaccines that are becoming mandatory for US citizens who wish to continue being members of society.

Of course, the vaccines aren’t mandatory for members of the federal government. The White House along with many government agencies and the vaccine companies themselves are not requiring their employees to get the vaccines.

Only the lowly American citizens who work every day jobs at hospitals, nursing homes, colleges, banks and retail outlets are being required to offer themselves up as lab rats to the pharmaceutical companies.

Broadcast outlet WHDH reported that Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, is punishing students who refuse the shots by restricting their internet access along with fines, potentially reaching into the thousands.

The school recently warned 600 students, via email, who have failed to comply with the university’s demand that they provide a copy of their COVID-19 vaccination record.

The school’s demand is under the guise of public health safety for the protection of “the health of our entire university community.”

The current vaccines available in the US are not FDA approved and are experimental. They are having no effect on stopping the spread of COVID-19 and now with the new “Delta variant” vaccinated people are not only falling ill but also ending up in the hospital and even dying.

It sure seems that the risks of the vaccines greatly outweigh any supposed benefits. The shots are not true vaccines as they don’t actually stop anyone from contracting COVID-19.

They are supposed to keep people asymptomatic and out of the hospital but it looks like that isn’t the case at all.

According to the WHDH report, the school informed students who do not provide their medical papers that they “will face a weekly charge, costing up to $2,275 for the semester. The fee starts at $100 per week for the first two weeks of the semester and increases by $25 every two weeks up to a maximum of $200 per week.”

The unvaccinated students were also told they would be subject to weekly, on-campus testing. It doesn’t seem to matter if these students have developed natural immunity to COVID-19 through having the virus and recovering.

The school will test these students for the virus but not the antibodies, which would prove they already have immunity.

On top of the outrageous fines, the school has threatened the unvaccinated students’ access to the Quinnipiac network and Wi-Fi system. The school says these students will have their access privileges revoked if they do not get the shots by Sept. 14.

The report noted, “Many universities have opted to institute vaccine mandates for students who wish to return to campus learning, including large public universities such as Indiana University, Rutgers University, and Michigan State University.”

There are many more schools, such as the University of Michigan that are also requiring students to wear face masks regardless of vaccination status.

The COVID lunacy continues in America with no end in sight.

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