Former White House Physician Says Biden’s Mental ‘Issues’ Impacting ‘National Security’

( Exclusive) – Dr. Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician who is now a member of Congress, once administered a cognitive test to President Donald Trump a few years ago when Democrats were losing their minds and frantically screaming about claims that his cognitive abilities had diminished.

Much to their chagrin, Trump passed the test without a problem.

According to WND, Jackson has now suggested on several occasions that Joe Biden needs to take the same test that was administered to Trump, especially because of all the gaffes he’s made, the stumbles, blunders, all those times he’s appeared weak and frail, not to mention the cold, dead looking eyes that seem to indicate that nobody’s upstairs in the old noggin’.

However, it seems Jackson’s opinion is beginning to change, stating that he no longer believes the test should be performed as it’s not as needed as it might have once been.

“I still believe that needs to happen, but the reality is I don’t even think it’s to the point where he needs a test anymore,” Jackson went on to say.

His comments came shortly after Biden claimed al-Qaida no longer is in Afghanistan, which has been taken over by terrorists on Biden’s decision to withdraw American troops.

“I think he’s proven to the entire country right now that he has issues and these issues are impacting our safety and our national security,” the former White House physician said.

Jackson then said that at this point, the test would only “confirm what everybody in this country already knows is that he doesn’t have the competency and the cognitive ability to be our commander-in-chief.”

He then went on to charge that Biden’s mental “issues” are making the situation in Afghanistan much, much worse, especially after an apparent suicide bombing that ended up seeing both Americans and Afghanis killed.

“He needs to step down and let somebody who can do it, do it,” Jackson stated.

“We’re looking horrible right now on the world stage, this is an absolute national embarrassment. And instead of being out in front of this and talking about what’s going on, and what went wrong, and what the plan was, and what we’re gonna do next, Biden’s just been in hiding again, as he always has,” the congressman said.

Jackson is the representative of the 13th Congressional District in Texas. He served as the White House physician for former President Barack Obama and President Trump.

“Biden, once again, has failed us. He’s embarrassed us internationally,” Jackson said during a previous interview. “And you know, honestly, it is time for him to leave. I’ve been saying this for a long time. I’ve been saying that he’s not, he’s not cognitively prepared to be our president. And this is just another example of his failure. And I think a lot of this is relevant to his cognitive ability. But he’s, he’s created a national security disaster for this country right now. And it’s time for him to move on and somebody else needs to do this job. He is not fit to be our commander in chief. It’s time for him to resign.”

A great example of some of the gaffes Biden has made is when he once told a disabled reporter to “stand up” so that the crowd could see him. He’s also gone on record saying that the only defense that’s necessary is a double-barreled shotgun, which people could use to fire two warning shots.

What’s the problem here, folks?

Well, anyone who knows the basics of how a double-barreled shotgun works knows that once you fire the two warning shots your weapon is unloaded and you are left defenseless. Common sense, right?

“In the Oval Office, however, the blunders have increasingly become situations where he simply stumbles over words, fails to complete sentences and even interrupts himself to change direction mid-statement,” WND’s report says, adding, “After he unleashed a car crash interview about Afghanistan just last week, his schedulers canceled all events at which he could face questions.”

During an interview he dismissed the horrific images of folks falling from airplanes in flight, stating these things happened “four or five days” ago. It was two days prior.

“If you go back and look at the intelligence reports, they said that it’s more likely to be sometime by the end of the year. The idea that the Tal — and then it goes further on, even as late as August. I think you’re gonna see — the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and others speaking about this later today,” Biden said.

“When Stephanopoulos noted that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said such a disaster was predicted, Biden’s response was, ‘What – what did he say was predicted?’”

So what failed, Mr. President? Stephanopoulos went on to ask.

“Look, I don’t think it was a fa — look, it was a simple choice, George. When the — when the Taliban — let me back — put it another way. When you had the government of Afghanistan, the leader of that government get in a plane and taking off and going to another country, when you saw the significant collapse of the ta– of the– Afghan troops we had trained — up to 300,000 of them just leaving their equipment and taking off, that was — you know, I’m not– this — that — that’s what happened,” Biden replied.

Biden then went on to say that there wasn’t really a “good” time to leave.

“No one can name for me a time when this would end. And what– wha– wha– what– what constitutes defeat of the Taliban? What constitutes defeat? Would we have left then? Let’s say they surrender like before. OK. Do we leave then? Do you think anybody– the same people who think we should stay would’ve said, ‘No, good time to go’? We spent over $1 trillion, George, 20 years. There was no good time to leave,” he added.

But you know what’s really disturbing? Everyone knows that Biden’s mental abilities have been compromised, yet no one is speaking out about this situation in the White House or doing anything to get him removed from office before he does even more damage.

Pray for our country, folks. We have a mentally compromised man calling the shots.

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