WATCH: Ashli Babbitt’s Husband Appears On Tucker Carlson To Respond To Her Killer

( Exclusive) – Aaron Babbitt, husband of slain Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt, made an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program Thursday where he responded to the interview that MSNBC conducted with his wife’s murderer.

According to Gateway Pundit, Lt. Michael Byrd came out and broke his silence, confirming his identity as Babbitt’s killer, during an interview with MSNBC earlier in the evening. The Capitol Police had previously refused to release the name of the person responsible for Babbitt’s death, despite the fact the folks over at GP confirmed the shooter’s identity awhile ago.

During the interview with Byrd, he stated that he saved “countless lives” by murdering Babbitt, who was unarmed. He then started to whine that he’s been receiving death threats since the shooting happened. He then stated it was “disheartening” and stated he was just “doing my job.”

Babbitt’s husband did not waste time in addressing the officer, saying he needs to “suck it up.”

“I don’t even want to hear him talk about how he’s getting death threats and he’s scared,” Aaron Babbitt stated passionately. “I’ve been getting death threats since Jan. 7 — two, three, five, 10 a day — and all I did on Jan. 6 was become a widower. So, you’re going to have to suck it up, bud, and take it.”

“Tucker Carlson also noted that Byrd is the same officer who previously left his loaded weapon in a bathroom at the Capitol building in 2019,” the report from GP said.

Byrd himself claimed that Babbitt was a threat, which Carlson wasted no time calling out.

“She was 5’2, she was unarmed, there were armed police in tactical gear standing right next to her on the other side of the door,” Carlson pointed out. “She was not warned, the tape shows that — she was just executed. But she was a threat, that’s what he’s telling you.”

Carlson then began to mock Byrd for trying to act like he was the “real victim” in the situation.

“Babbitt’s husband went on to say that he was ‘pissed off’ and his ‘agitation level’ was through the roof hearing the officer say that he did not care if she was armed or not. He also said that Representatives Paul Gosar, Louie Gohmert, and Marjorie Taylor Greene are the only lawmakers that have been in contact with the family,” the report stated.

What’s truly tragic is that Byrd has been cleared of any wrongdoing. The man ought to be behind bars. You can guarantee that if it was a white cop that had killed a black protester or BLM member, that man would be on trial for murder.

“The investigation revealed no evidence to establish that, at the time the officer fired a single shot at Ms. Babbitt, the officer did not reasonably believe that it was necessary to do so in self-defense or in defense of the Members of Congress and others evacuating the House Chamber,” federal prosecutors went on to say in a statement.

Another woman, Rosanne Boyland was also killed by Capitol Police officers. And guess what? No one is being charged in that incident right now either.

Our justice system is broken.

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