WEAK: Joe Biden Puts His Head Down In Shame When Reminded Trump Is No Longer President (VIDEO)

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Joe Biden is not competent. That has been painfully obvious since he was just a presidential candidate hiding in his basement. Now, his incompetence has cost American lives and the crisis is not over yet.

After he completely botched America’s exit from Afghanistan resulting in tens of thousands of Americans being trapped in the now Taliban-controlled country, he has failed to take the necessary action. He’s failed to take any action at all aside from passing the buck on the “previous administration.”

Biden’s lack of action has now cost 13 US service members their lives. Two deadly suicide bombings took place outside the Kabul airport on Thursday killing the service members and wounding several others.

Joe Biden still has yet to take action against the Taliban for these brutal attacks and he’s still blaming President Trump.

During a typically awkward press conference on Thursday, Biden addressed the terror attack in Kabul. He appeared to be weak, exhausted and flustered especially when he received pushback from Fox News reporter Peter Doocy.

Any pushback to the narrative Biden is told to push is exhausting to him and given the fact that he is a frail, old man suffering dementia, it’s no wonder.

As he read from the teleprompter Biden appeared to be winded before calling on a pre-approved list of reporters for questions.

When it was Doocy’s turn, he questioned Biden on the death of the US service members and Biden naturally shifted the blame to President Trump. Doocy reminded Biden that Trump is no longer president and Biden appeared to be completely exacerbated by the pushback.

He put his elbows on the lectern and dropped his head down in a pathetic show of weakness.

If there was ever a picture to capture Biden’s time in the White House, this would be it. He looks absolutely disgraced and worn out. That will be his legacy after one crisis after another.

“This is what weakness looks like,” Donald Trump Jr. pointed out on Twitter.

Biden concluded his remarks with a moment of silence that he followed with a horribly awkward stare into the camera after saying thank you.

Biden is clearly being coached on how to deliver remarks. His feigned somberness and grief were obviously an act. Joe Biden is mentally checked out and if it weren’t for his handlers and his teleprompter Biden would just stand at the podium and ramble complete and utter nonsense, which he manages to do routinely even so.

The most shameful part is the way in which the mainstream media constantly harassed President Trump over his mental state. Biden is an absolute disgrace and America is the laughing stock of the world.

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