Dementia Joe Biden Forgets Australia PM Morrison’s Name During Globalist Announcement

( Exclusive) – In case you wondered if there was anything to the rumors floating around about Joe Biden having some serious cognitive issues, look at what happened recently during a trilateral military partnership with the United Kingdom and Australia.

According to a report from Infowars, Biden appeared to forget the name of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison during the announcement. Again, if anyone has been paying attention, this is just the latest incident to add to a very, very long list of similar flubs and gaffes that point toward Biden not having all of his faculties.

“Thanks, Boris,” Biden said into the screen before turning to his right, which is where Morrison was also present via teleconference.

“And I wanna thank that fellow down under,” Biden went on to say, pointing to Morrison. “Thank you very much, pal. Appreciate it, Mr. Prime Minister.”

Ouch. That’s not good optics, is it?

Again, this isn’t the first time that Biden has forgotten someone’s name live on TV.

Back in August, during a press conference, Biden actually referred to his 47-year-old senior adviser, Cedric Richmond, as “boy.” Guys, this isn’t coming from a man with healthy cognitive abilities. Biden needs to be tested immediately to see if he is mentally fit to discharge the duties of the office of commander-in-chief.

It seems Biden also forgot the name of his own Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Berrera back in July.

And then, just in case you aren’t convinced yet, he also forgot the name of his own Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, back in March.

“The AUKUS agreement announced Wednesday claims to essentially help Australia develop nuclear submarines in the pursuit of curbing China’s expansion in the Indo-Pacific region,” the Infowars report stated.

A report from BizPacReview recently discussed some odd moments that happened during Biden’s remarks given at Shanksville, Pennsylvania on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The report went on to note that President Donald Trump took Biden to the woodshed over how badly he handled the troop withdrawal in Afghanistan, calling it the “greatest embarrassment in the history of our country.”

“There has never been anything like this. It looks like we fled, and it is all because we have an incompetent person as the leader of our country,” he went on to tell Fox News just ahead of 9/11.

Then, while talking to reporters on the date of the anniversary, Biden, who was speaking with reporters, began to ramble on and on about Trump.

“This idea that, you know, ‘What do you want to do with Biden: I want to box him’ … I should be so lucky,” Biden went on to state. “But it’s the kinds of things or, you know… the stuff coming out of Florida, the stuff that’s coming out of — you know, if Robert E. Lee had been in Afghanistan he would have won. Anyway, I’m telling you too much.”

It’s beyond time to have this guy tested, wouldn’t you agree?

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