Joe Biden “Making Taliban Great Again” Billboards Go Up

( Exclusive) – According to a new report from the folks at Infowars, a former state senator from the state of Pennsylvania has commissioned that roadside billboards go up that make the claim Joe Biden is “Making the Taliban Great Again!”

The signs will feature Biden dressed up in gear like a Taliban insurgent, holding on to a rocket launcher, the ensemble completed with a turban. Which is absolutely hilarious to anyone with a sense of humor, not to mention makes a very scathing point about the failure of the Biden administration in Afghanistan.

These roadside signs have been paid for by former State Sen. Scott Wagner, a Republican, who spoke with local media, saying that he believes Biden really screwed up big time with the debacle in Afghanistan.

That might be the understatement of the year, though the point is very much valid.

“I saw the image [of Joe Biden,] I got it from a friend a few weeks ago. The picture tells the story. We pulled out of Afghanistan too quickly and we left so much of American equipment,” Wagner told local media outlet WHTM.

“Joe Biden has made us look like a fool. I feel so bad, words can’t describe what I would say to someone who was wounded or someone’s family who had a soldier pass away in the country after all this happened,” he continued.

WHTM then tried to reach out to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, but was informed that the messaging on these billboards is protected by the First Amendment, which should have been a no-brainer.

“The Department permits such outdoor advertising to private entities through an application process, bound by law and regulation. Specifically, the Outdoor Advertising Control Act of 1971 (Federal Law) and Title 67, PA Code, Chapter 445 (PA Commonwealth Regulation) do not regulate or control billboard advertising content. Generally, advertising content is protected by the First Amendment under the US Constitution. Therefore, if the advertising message is legal per State or Federal laws and regulations, recourse is not warranted. While we understand the message on the Interstate 83 billboard may be unpleasant to some, it is our understanding that the message is legal. As such, the Department has no basis to require this message be changed,” the outlet reported.

ABC27 News stated that Wagner has 15 more of these billboards planned for different locations across the state.

Folks are not happy with Biden over his screw up in Afghanistan. That much is clear. Especially when you take into consideration that football fans have been going to stadiums shouting “F*** Joe Biden,” during the games en masse, all across the United States.

Biden’s poor decision making led to the deaths of 13 American military members, along with a large number of Afghan citizens in a suicide bombing at the airport in Kabul. On top of that, Biden and his administration abandoned thousands of American citizens in the country, with the new Taliban now in charge.

Is it any wonder people are chanting this slogan at football games?

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