Dems Reveal BIG CLUE: Operatives Manufactured Votes From Low Income Voters To Steal Battleground States

( Exclusive) – Despite the fact that President Trump won more votes than any sitting president in US history and increased his vote total by 12 million in 2020 over 2016, Joe Biden now sits in the White House.

There are many Americans who actually did vote for Biden and many of them actually believe he legitimately won. It doesn’t matter to them that Joe Biden only “won” 16% of the counties in the US, a record low won by the “winner.”

It doesn’t matter to them that every bellwether county in the US went to Trump with the exception of 1 single county in Washington state that went to Biden.

President Trump was pulling massive crowds of tens of thousands of people anywhere he went in the country while Biden held “rallies” with gnats and news reporters.

While the left was busy burning American cities to the ground in 2020, boat and car parades were popping up all over the country in support of President Trump. Did anyone ever see a boat or car parade for Biden? Of course not.

Trump not only maintained his support base but he pulled historic support from Hispanics, women, blacks, LGBT folks and immigrants than any other Republican before him.

Yet, people actually believe Biden won fair and square.

We know the Democrats cheated using a variety of tactics but, unfortunately, they’ve all been hard to prove given the fact that the COVID “pandemic” was used as a cover to totally change the game.

A new article by Huffington Post, however, has shed some light into just how the Democrats pulled off this impossible “victory.”

Aside from the late night shenanigans on Election Night, it looks like Democrats targeted low-income, and therefore likely low-information, voters. Just like they went ballot harvesting in nursing homes, the new HuffPost article seems to indicate they used the same tactics on low-income Americans.

The HuffPost even went as far as to credit “low-income voters” as the catalyst that pushed Joe Biden to victory.

According to The Huffington Post report, “high turnout among low-income voters in the 2020 election — especially in battleground states — helped deliver victories for Joe Biden and the Democrats.”

The HuffPost cited a study by the name of “Waking the Sleeping Giant” by the Poor People’s Campaign as their source for their information and conclusion that poor people propelled Biden into the White House.

The Poor People’s Campaign launched a “nonpartisan” voter registration drive just before the 2020 election which took place across 16 states including, unsurprisingly, all of the contested battleground states.

The study pointed out that while the US saw the highest voter turnout in history for the 2020 election, a large chunk of that was poor and low-income voters.

Of the 168 million Americans who supposedly voted last year, 59 million of them are considered poor or low-income because of their annual household income of less than $50,000. That’s 35% of the total number of voters in the 2020 election.

The HuffPost article points out:

Where the margin of Biden’s victory was a squeaker-thin 3% or less, low-income Americans accounted for 34% to 45% of the voting population (Arizona 39.96%), Georgia (37.84%), Michigan (37.81%), Nevada (35.78%), North Carolina (43.67%), Pennsylvania (34.12%) and Wisconsin (39.80%), according to the study.

We know that President Trump didn’t lose any support from 2016 to 2020 and we also know that his support base, as the media loves to remind us, are primarily white, “uneducated” Americans. It turns out, however, that in 2020 that demographic shifted to support Joe Biden.

While President Trump gained massive support from traditionally Democratic demographics (as mentioned above), Biden somehow picked up support from Trump’s own voter base.

How could this be? Simple. Fraud.

The Democrats played the system and employed ballot harvesting techniques that literally stole the election. While these ballots can all be traced back to real people, they aren’t true votes for Joe Biden. These votes were coerced and manipulated from people who didn’t even realize they were being played.

The Democrats can’t win unless they cheat and now America knows this beyond a shadow of a doubt. We have to make sure our elections are secure going forward. Election integrity is the single most important issue in the US today.

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