Yikes! Dementia Joe Can’t Even Get ‘Cheap Shot’ At Palin Correct

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Joe Biden is seriously out of touch with reality and it’s getting harder and harder to watch. It was cute and funny when he was campaigning in the way that your elderly grandpa would. No one ever thought he was actually going to become the president.

We all greatly underestimated the left’s ability to actually steal a US presidential election.

Now that Biden has usurped the White House, his constant gaffes, slip-ups, and cognitive failures are just not funny anymore. They’re cringey and uncomfortable not to mention totally embarrassing on an international level.

In his latest display of mental misfire, Biden attempted to take a dig at conservative sweetheart and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin but instead made himself look stupid, as is par for the course.

According to social media reports, Biden was boasting about how Barack Obama worked with almost every US governor when he was in office, except for one.

The one who “could see Alaska from her porch,” he claimed.

If you’re confused, don’t worry, so is Joe Biden. His comment was an attempt to reference a joke told on Saturday Night Live years ago in which Tina Fey, who was impersonating Palin, said, “I can see Russia from my house.”

Biden really botched it up during the signing of the radical left’s new trillion dollar infrastructure scam spending package Monday.

“At the signing ceremony for the infrastructure bill, President Joe Biden gave credit to all of the governors he worked with during the Obama administration, ‘save one,’” said a report from Twitchy.

“It looks like he was going for the ‘Saturday Night Live’ dig but didn’t get it quite right.”

Social media commenters wasted no time pointing out Biden’s embarrassing fail.

“I bet she can, since she … lives in Alaska,” said one.

“Well she lives there,” added another.

“I would sincerely hope she could,” said a third.

“He even got the joke wrong. And it was a joke,” said another.

This is the kind of nonsense behavior we’ve come to expect from the man who calls himself the president of the United States. It’s clear he is mentally checked out and is never coming back.

The left not only stole the election in 2020 but they did it with this buffoon. It’s like throwing salt in an open wound.

The left wanted us all to know that they’re in control now and they’ll do whatever it takes to keep it that way. Stealing the election was meant to be obvious and it certainly was considering they expect us to believe that Joe Biden won 81 million votes.

They stole it and installed this clown and there isn’t a thing any of us can do about it.

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