Horror! Man Kills Family, Self ‘For Fear Of Arrest Over Fake Covid Pass’

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Even though things seem pretty awful right now here in America, the COVID craziness is much worse around the world.

Just like here in the US, governments around the world are attempting to force all of their citizens to submit to vaccine requirements. Some areas of the world are just as bad as New York City is with vaccine passports.

All of this lunacy is creating criminals out of otherwise law-abiding, stand-up citizens. It’s causing people to become scared and to act in ways they normally would not.

In Königs Wusterhausen, Germany, tragedy struck as one man decided to kill his wife and their three children before taking his own life. As if this isn’t tragic enough, the reason makes it even more unfortunate and sad.

Investigators say that according to a suicide note left by the 40-year-old man, he was afraid he was going to be arrested and his children taken away from him over a falsified COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

People are being driven to lie about their vaccination status just to continue living life as a member of society. It certainly wasn’t right or justifiable for this man to shoot and kill his family and commit suicide but he never would have felt like his back was up against a wall if it weren’t for the maniacal, psychotic globalists who want to control us all in the name of public health safety.

In the suicide note, the man confessed to having obtained a forged COVID-19 vaccination certificate for his wife. He further added that his wife’s employer had discovered it to be a fake.

Chief Public Prosecutor Gernot Bantleon explained to the German Press Agency on Tuesday that the couple then began to fear the worst. They believed their arrest was imminent and that their children would be taken from them.

No further details have been revealed about the case and the prosecutors office has not confirmed or denied whether the scenario the man was fearful of was legitimate or not. Would the prosecutor have actually thrown this man and his wife in jail and taken their children away over the crime of having a fake vaccination certificate?

We might never know.

One thing is certain, however, these deaths were absolutely unnecessary and unavoidable. The pressure on free people to submit to government tyranny and get the vaccines is overwhelming in many parts of the world.

Creating a fake vaccine passport should hardly be a crime yet this man and his wife were legitimately fearful that it was going to cause them to go to jail and lose their children.

What kind of world are we living in where that would even be within the scope of possibilities?

The world has truly gone mad.

Concocting a fake vaccine passport to keep your job is not allowed and considered criminal behavior. Meanwhile, leftists celebrate illegal immigration disguised as “compassion,” election rigging disguised as “voter rights,” and the forceful inoculation of hundreds of millions of people with experimental, unproven, unsafe, ineffective vaccines in the name of “public health safety.”

These people are downright psychotic.

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