Maricopa County Didn’t Have Admin Access To 2020 Election, Which Means They Ceded Ownership Of Election To Outside System Provider

( Exclusive) – The more time passes, the more evidence we seem to unearth that proves there was massive voter fraud happening in key battleground states around the country during the 2020 presidential election, especially in Maricopa County, Arizona.

According to a new report published by Gateway Pundit, the Maricopa County Election Team recently stated they did not have “Admin” access to the voting machines used to help cast ballots. If this is true, it means the County did not actually own the election process.

The vendor for the machines did.

Here are the duties for a system administrator:

System administrators are critical to the reliable and successful operation of an organization and its network operations center and data center. A sysadmin must have expertise with the system’s underlying platform (i.e., Windows, Linux) as well as be familiar with multiple areas including networking, backup, data restoration, IT security, database operations, middleware basics, load balancing, and more. Sysadmin tasks are not limited to server management, maintenance, and repair, but also any functions that support a smoothly running production environment with minimal (or no) complaints from customers and end users.

A system administrator is a person who has complete access to every part of the system in question, including its highest levels. These folks are able to perform all kinds of duties and actions, all the functions and changes for the system. System administrators have complete control and are able to delete or make changes to system logs.

It’s extremely concerning that Maricopa County did not have their own system administrators who had complete and total access to everything on the Dominion voting machine.

This allowed Dominion to have complete and total control of the machines, which translates to them having the ability to alter any sort of data contained on the machines in any fashion they desired.

To break this down to its simplest parts, Maricopa County was not in charge of their own election. Instead, it was subcontracted to Dominion Voting Machines, which is probably not allowable by law. All election functions are to be run by the county, not a subcontractor.

Folks, this is how you cheat during an election. How much more evidence do people need to see before they begin to question the official narrative pumped out by the mainstream media?

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