Comey Begs Military: “Please Don’t Kill Me!”

Having viewed Hillary Clinton’s corpse and learned of John Podesta’s impending doom, a panicked James Comey, currently a guest at GITMO, has been begging the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps for mercy and claiming crimes he committed were always at the request of eminently more powerful Deep State figureheads.

A source involved in Trump’s battle against the Deep State told Real Raw News that although Comey had agreed to cooperate with the military’s ongoing investigation on Barack Hussein Obama, he has not supplied details on a specific incident for which the military wants answers. As reported previously, JAG has evidence linking Comey, Obama, and Susan Rice to an illegal airstrike that killed 16 American patriots who in 2013 had gathered at a safehouse in the Colorado wilderness to protest Obama’s criminal regime.

“Comey has been dropping dimes on a bunch of people, but he isn’t talking about Obama. He’s the kind of guy who’d rat out his mother. Either Comey fears Obama more then he does his own execution, or he really is clueless,” our source said.

But military investigators, our source added, have ample evidence connecting Comey to Obama’s criminal conquests. Said evidence purportedly includes testimony of another GITMO resident and internal FBI documents the military had obtained from a computer server Comey had neglected to purge after the Colorado airstrike. Speculatively, the human testimony came from former CIA Director John Brennan, who arrived at GITMO on 25 March. As Obama’s spook-in-chief, Brennan aided Obama’s war of terror on the American citizenry.

Digital documents, our source said, included an FBI surveillance order authorizing two agents—names redacted—to infiltrate the Colorado chapter of the “Three Percenters,” the militia group which had acquired photographs of guillotines being erected at FEMA camps in 3 states. A week after Comey signed the order, 16 men, women, and children were incinerated or blown to bits in a bomb blast that cratered a densely wooded area in northwest Colorado. Moreover, an after-action document acknowledged the “valiant heroism” of an agent who died in the inferno “to protect and preserve national security.” He was posthumously awarded the FBI Medal for Meritorious achievement.

“When shown the evidence, Comey denied Obama’s involvement. He said he’d taken instruction from Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and Eric Holder, and he insisted Obama never gave him instructions directly,” our source said.

But military investigators said Comey’s statements were disingenuous. They told Comey he’d likely receive capital punishment unless he “came clean” and admitted that Obama had mandated the deaths of the Coloradons and countless other patriots during his time as president.

“I guess you want to go the way of Hillary Clinton,” military investigators reportedly told Comey.

“Oh, God, please don’t kill me. I’ve said everything I know,” Comey replied.

In closing, our source said Comey will face a military tribunal; however, the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps will not schedule his trial until after it has extracted all sensitive info from Comey’s addled mind.

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