IT Expert Says Maricopa County Officials Are Refusing To Hand Over Routers And Passwords To Auditors — They Are Desperate To Keep The Public In The Dark About Where The Data Was Sent

( Exclusive) – A new report was sent to the good people over at Gateway Pundit over the weekend, sent straight from the Maricopa County, Arizona Attorney’s office that was addressed to the audit team stating that they could not sent them routers as they had previously requested.

The report goes on to state that they had already sent over all the passwords they had to the audit crew.

“We noted that the Sherriff of Maricopa County, Paul Penzone, was cc’d in the letter. He is probably better known for the $2 million in support from George Soros in 2016 in the Deep State’s effort to see Sheriff Joe lose for the first time in seven elections. This was reported in Arizona at the time,” the GP report said.

“When Paul Penzone ran for Maricopa County sheriff in 2016, he famously received a $2 million contribution from billionaire George Soros — the liberal philanthropist’s single biggest investment in a local race that year,” the report continued.

Here is the two page letter:

The Democratic ex-Phoenix law enforcement officer ended up winning the race, which stopped GOP member Joe Arpaio from getting a seventh term in office.

The first problematic piece of the letter comes in the very opening paragraph where the county claims, “delivering routers, or “virtual images” of routers, posed a significant security risk to law enforcement data utilized by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office as well as numerous federal agencies. We had previously believed that the risk would be eliminated by redacting the law enforcement data on the routers and not producing it.”

This particular response is pretty questionable due to the many experts who have stated that routers only show the traffic that goes on between entities. Routers record the date and time stamps of the traffic flow that goes to and from entities. This data is not editable.

So, based on the response from the County, they really don’t want the auditors to see where the data in question was transferred to and from as related to the 2020 election.

In the second paragraph, the County goes on to say, “Providing routers or virtual images of routers puts sensitive, confidential data belonging to Maricopa County’s citizens— including social security numbers and protected health information at risk as well. As a result, the County cannot at this time provide the virtual images of routers. The County knows that the Senate would not want to do anything that would endanger the lives of law enforcement officers, their operations, or the protected health information and personal data of Maricopa County’s citizens.”

“Since the routers don’t record and save the information transferred to and from the County it is not possible to see any data with social security numbers and health info in routers. This is total BS – said one of our experts who looked at this,” the GP report said.

The third paragraph in the letter says more or less that they will continue to examine the issue and if they find some “safe” way to transfer the data from the routers, they’ll let the auditors know. Convenient, right?

Moving along, the fourth paragraph is what addresses their inability to provide auditors with passwords saying, “Additionally, you wrote me on April 30, 2021, asking that the County provide additional passwords, user names, and/or security keys utilized with the County’s precinct-based tabulators. The County has provided every password, user name, and security key in its custody or control, as commanded by the Senate’s subpoenas, and does not have any others.”

That’s pretty worrisome. A company needs to have these system passwords in order to run the system. If this is true, then who, exactly, has possession of the administration passwords? The reason this is so bad is because it means that the County has given up its power and authority over election tabulation to an outside entity.

There is something very wrong here.

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