Watch: Newt Gingrich Says “There Was No Question” All Of The Contested States Were Stolen In 2020 Election

( Exclusive) – The radical left desperately wants Americans to just forget about the stolen 2020 election and move on.

While many of these states’ legislatures have worked to pass tighter laws protecting elections, only one state legislature has had the courage and tenacity to get to the truth of what really happened and that’s Arizona.

Trump supporter and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich believes it’s plain as day that the election was stolen in all of the key swing states.

In speaking with Sunday Morning Futures host Maria Bartiromo on Fox News, Gingrich made some pretty bold statements that are sure to have fake news reporters on CNN and MSNBC melting down.

Gingrich pointed out the obvious truths of the 2020 election saying that people “can actually buy an official Georgia presidential ballot on eBay,” and further pointed out the same is true for “a number of states.”

This is clearly not very “secure” and Gingrich blasted the left for claiming the 2020 election was secure.

“This was a very open system. It was a system where people could cheat, and did.” He went on to say that “every American should expect that they have the right to vote, that they have the right to have their vote counted, they have a right to have their vote held legally and accurately, and they shouldn’t have their vote canceled by someone who’s cheating.”

Unfortunately, we all know that wasn’t the case in the 2020 presidential election in many, many parts of the country. Of course, we don’t know the full scale of the fraud and we may never know, especially if Republican-led state legislatures in the contested states refuse to take the steps necessary to get to the truth.

The fact remains, however, that there was cheating and fraud and that the state laws and the US Constitution were violated in a number of states.

Gingrich noted that in every single state that was close that Trump ended up losing we saw “those kinds of shenanigans” adding that state laws were also violated in all of those states as well.

“In my mind there was no question that those states were in fact stolen. That doesn’t make the national media happy but I think as a historian people will find it’s absolutely true.”

Anybody with a functioning brain finds it true because it is true. It’s undeniable. There’s just no logical, realistic way that Joe Biden won 81 million votes after running a campaign from his basement and spewing nonstop nonsense every time he opened his mouth.

The man clearly suffers from dementia, is visibly weak, and is clearly a puppet for the radical left. Americans are just not stupid enough to actually believe this man won the most votes of any presidential candidate in the history of the US.

Especially after President Trump actually broke that record and was, and still is, truly wildly popular among the American people.

President Trump has all but been abandoned by Republicans to fight this fight on his own and fortunately for the American people he isn’t throwing in the towel.

The Republican-led Arizona Senate is about the only state legislature standing with President Trump and fighting the radical left in regards to the stolen election.

The left is proving just how badly they want the truth to remain hidden under the media’s and Democrats’ lies with their obvious efforts to stop the audit. It’s really quite remarkable.

Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend pointed out that even a “class of 5th graders” would be able to easily conclude the Democrats’ reason for wanting to stop the audit is because they are hiding something.

“Everyone with a thinking mind knows that you don’t try to hide and stop an audit with the fervency we’ve seen if there’s nothing to hide. Which just strengthens our resolve all the more… Just their actions show that there’s a problem and we need to find what it is!”

Exactly. When are other state legislatures going to stand up and take up this fight for the American people too? It’s time to uncover the truth whether the left likes it or not.

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