At Fake White House, Kamala Harris Tells Staffers, “Call me President Harris.”

At Soundview Broadcasting in Long Island City, NY, a 7,000 square foot soundstage has been retrofitted to precisely mimic the very room from where White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki allegedly delivers a daily briefing to a corrupt mainstream media, an ex-administration whistle blower told Real Raw News under promise of anonymity.

On Jan 15, incoming White House Communications Director Kim Bedingfield signed a 4-year lease on the property after Kamala Harris had asked her to find a “defensible” location on the east coast and within two hour’s flight time of D.C. Harris, our source said, wanted a spot that could be easily transformed into a facsimile of the White House Briefing Room and, if necessary, broken down and made to resemble other iconic West Wing areas, including the Oval Office.

Renovation on the soundstage began on Jan 16 and ended on Jan 23, two days before Biden was illegally sworn into office. Our source said Kamala Harris personally supervised the makeover and scolded staffers, including Jen Psaki, who referred to her as “Vice President Harris.”

“I witnessed an encounter at the end of January. Harris was making sure the sound set up was working properly, when Jen [Psaki] and Kim [Bedingfield] walked up to her. Either Kim or Jen, I can’t remember which, called Harris Vice President Harris. All of a sudden, Harris went ballistic, like the blood in her body was boiling up inside her, and started screaming frantically at them. She lashed into them something fierce, telling them that when away from media and others, staff is supposed to address her as President Harris. She went on for a good fifteen minutes about it,” our source said.

Asked why the Biden administration holds press briefings at a soundstage instead of, well, the actual White House Briefing Room, our source said the real White House has essentially “gone dark” ever since Trump vacated the Oval Office on January 20, and that the Biden administration has been operating from “other venues made to look official” so foreign nations and the U.S. citizenry would not suspect that an enormous vacuum of power currently exists in the United States. He admitted that Biden is president in title only, a marionette manipulated by Harris and other Deep State figures, sinister people who are desperately trying to prevent Donald J. Trump from returning to power.

“Why do you think the White House and much of D.C. have been partitioned from the rest of the nation? Truth is Biden can’t even get in there. Military has control of it, and they seem to be holding it, as it were, for Trump. There have been rumors circulating around the administration for a while that Trump will be inaugurated on July 4 and move back into the White House.  I was fired in March for asking too many questions, so I don’t know what’s been going on since then,” our source said.

His statements paint a worrying picture: It should come as no surprise that mainstream media and the Biden/Harris administration have colluded to hide the existence of soundstage props from a naive and uncaring public. However, several so-called conservative media outlets—particularly Fox News—attend daily press briefings, and therefore must be complicit in the deception.  Even more conservative outlets like OANN are not above suspicion. Although OANN was banned from attending future press briefings on April 2 over “social distancing violations,” the outlet’s White House Correspondent, the lovely Chanel Rion, attended several briefings between Jan 27 and March 25, at which time the faux White House Briefing Room was operational. This raises questions as to whom the public can actually trust.

In closing, our source said he suspects—but cannot confirm—the Biden/Harris administration has constructed several artificial White House settings across the continental United States.

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