Biden Swore To Destroy Fossil Fuel Industry And Now We See The Green New Deal Destroying Our Economy With 1970’s Style Gas Lines And Shortages

‘We’re seeing a gas run,’ said Patrick De Haan, GasBuddy’s head of petroleum analysis. ‘Now we’re going to see more dramatic effects as people run to the stations and run them dry.’

Pretend president Joe Biden is actually keeping his campaign promises and that is something that should make every American who is now watching our economy beginning to go into freefall very nervous. For example, on Day One, Biden got rid of the Keystone Pipeline which immediately plunged over 11,000 workers into unemployment and made getting gas harder and more expensive to do. This created a ripple effect and now things like lumber for new construction have suddenly risen 280%. Starting to see what the Green New Deal really is?

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Proverbs 29:2 (KJB)

Right now here in the South, hundreds of gas stations, maybe even into the thousands, are closing their pumps because they have no more fuel, gas lines are popping up in many states with more to follow. This is not an accident or a coincidence, this is the intentional machinations of the Biden administration to cripple our economy, and it’s only juts getting started. No accident on the timing of it either, just as most states are beginning to come out of lockdown. Now what about that ‘cyberattack’? 100% planned and intentional as a ‘follow-up’ to the COVID ‘crisis’.

Last week, the Colonial Pipeline which serves the Deep South was hacked, so they say, which took the whole system offline and it is yet to come back online. But I think a little digging will show this was not the work of ‘terrorists’ but perhaps the work of the Biden administration itself, seeking to fulfill the Biden mandate to destroy the fossil fuel industry. Just as those 11,000 workers on the Keystone Pipeline were put out of work with no ‘green jobs’ to replace their oil jobs, Biden and his minions have no replacement for fossil fuels, just a hatred of American independence. Remember this, when Donald Trump was president, America was energy independent. Now look at us, if you can stand the sight.

Florida, Virginia, Georgia and North Carolina declare states of emergency over gas shortages after Colonial Pipeline hack as 1,000 fuel stations run dry in Southeast as people panic buy

FROM THE DAILY MAIL UK: The governors of Florida, Virginia and Georgia all declared states of emergency Tuesday in a bid to protect fuel supplies, with some gas pumps already dry in Atlanta and other cities, as the impact from the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack continues to ripple across the country – hitting the Southeast especially hard.

Panic buyers streamed into gas stations across the Southeast as the key pipeline that supplies the area was threatened by the attack. More than 1,000 gas stations in the Southeast are now running out of fuel, according to S&P’s Oil Price Information Service. The Southeast is particularly vulnerable because it has fewer refineries and pipelines to deliver fuel, compared to the Northeast, which is less at risk. The Southeast is also less equipped to quickly import large quantities of gasoline from other countries, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The worst shortages were in North Carolina, where 9.7 per cent of all stations in the state were without fuel, according to Gas Buddy Tracker. Virginia was second hardest-hit, with 7.9 per cent of gas stations empty, followed by Georgia with 6.5 per cent and South Carolina with 4.3 per cent.

In five states – Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia – demand was up by a collective 40.1 per cent on Monday.

Ron DeSantis, Republican governor of Florida; Ralph Northam, the Democrat governor of Virginia, and Brian Kemp, Georgia’s Republican governor, announced their state’s measures on Tuesday. Their moves came a day after the governor of North Carolina took the same step. Kemp announced the waiving of sales tax on gasoline until May 15 – a move which critics said could push more people to attempt to fill their cars at the pumps.

The states of emergency provide more leeway to local officials to deal with the crisis, and increases flexibility and funding for state and local governments to make sure they have enough fuel supply. DeSantis on Tuesday night in an executive order, said ‘the disruption of Colonial Pipeline operations poses a significant and immediate threat to the continued delivery of such fuel products to the State of Florida.’

Florida’s gasoline supplies are largely unaffected by the outage, but a rash of panic buying starting Monday — especially across north Florida — has caused local shortages.

Northam said: ‘This emergency declaration will help the Commonwealth prepare for any potential supply shortages and ensure Virginia motorists have access to fuel as we respond to this evolving situation.’

Northam’s order says that current gasoline reserves in Virginia are sufficient to address immediate supply concerns. Kemp signed an executive order to temporarily suspend the gas tax in Georgia in light of the Colonial Pipeline cyber attack. He urged Georgians not to panic buy, and also announced that the state is increasing the weight limits for trucks transporting fuel, providing more supply for stations as they receive deliveries.

A small gas station chain, Parker’s, which serves Georgia and South Carolina, announced on Facebook on Tuesday that customers would be limited to $50 worth of gas. The governor’s office said in a release that the order further prohibits price gouging by bad actors looking to exploit the situation.

‘My office has been in close contact with company and industry officials since we first learned of the Colonial cyber attack over the weekend,’ said Kemp. ‘Unfortunately, extensive media coverage has caused people to panic which has resulted in higher gas prices. We are taking action to relieve some of the cost burden from Georgians as Colonial recovers by suspending fuel taxes, increasing the weight limit for supply trucks, and prohibiting price gouging.

‘We expect these measures to be temporary as Colonial plans to be fully up and running later this week. There is no need to rush to the gas station to fill up every tank you have and hoard gas.  With the measures we have taken today, I am hopeful we can get more supply to stations and get through to this weekend when we hope Colonial will return to normal.’

Jennifer Granholm, the energy secretary, urged calm. ‘We know that we have gasoline; we just have to get it to the right places,’ she said.

S&P’s Oil Price Information Service put the number of gas stations encountering shortages at more than 1,000.

‘A lot of that is because they’re selling three or four times as much gasoline that they normally sell in a given day, because people do panic,’ said Tom Kloza, an analyst with S&P. ‘It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.’

Colonial Pipeline was attacked on Thursday, and closed from Friday until Monday. It is beginning to be brought back on line, but the company – which provides 45 per cent of all fuel to the East Coast of the U.S. – warns that full service may not be resumed until the end of the week.

American Airlines has been forced to add refuel stops to two long haul flights from its Charlotte, North Carolina hub as a likely effort to conserve fuel in areas where it could run short.

‘We’re seeing a gas run,’ said Patrick De Haan, GasBuddy’s head of petroleum analysis. ‘Now we’re going to see more dramatic effects as people run to the stations and run them dry.’

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a temporary fuel transportation waiver to increase the supply of gas.

Tankers are transporting fuel by road from Texas to areas such as Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia, where long lines are forming as people panic-buy. Gas prices have spiked to a seven-year high after the Pipeline was forced to shut off the nation’s biggest fuel pipeline in the wake of a cyberattack. READ MORE

Tucker: Joe Biden did this on purpose

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