COVID THEATER: Ohio Gov Mike DeWine Announces Free Tickets For Million Dollar Lottery, All You Have To Do Is Agree To Receive The COVID Vaccine

More cities and states across the country have announced incentives of various kinds to get people vaccinated. For example, New Jersey recently announced people who got vaccinated could get a free beer. Ohio is now taking things up a notch with — and yes, this is real — a million-dollar lottery.

As we have been telling you this whole time, everything you are watching on every level is theater created for the ignorant, designed to make you meekly submit to the dictates of the New World Order. We have watched pretend injections of politicians and celebrities, a One World Concert from Global Citizen to make you get the jab, and on and on it goes. COVID Theater at its finest, and it doesn’t stop there. Wanna get rich quick? If you live in Ohio, just get vaccinated and you will be entered to win a million dollars.

“The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?” Jeremiah 5:31 (KJB)

You will have to admit, this is all a lot of fuss over a virus with a 99.1% recovery rate, why even HIV-AIDS didn’t get this type of treatment, or even a mask or quarantine for that matter. So why is COVID different? Because COVID is the tool the New World Order has decided on, after Anthony Fauci and the CDC created it and patented it, to bring the whole world to its knees and submit to the spirit of Antichrist. Don’t believe me? Then go get the vaccine and find out, the hard way, for yourself. But hey, maybe you’ll get a million dollars!

Ohio Governor Announces Million-Dollar Lottery for Adults Who Have Gotten Vaccinated

FROM MEDIAITE: Governor Mike DeWine emphasized the importance of getting vaccinated, especially getting children vaccinated, in an address Wednesday. He said it’s “time to end the health orders” people have been following for the past year, as more and more people get the covid-19 vaccine.

“Vaccination is clearly safer, regardless of age, than running the risk of getting covid,” he said.

DeWine called on businesses to offer incentives for people to get the vaccine, and then announced incentives being offered by the state. People 12 to 17 who get the vaccine will be eligible for a lottery to receive a full four-year scholarship to a state university, “including tuition, room and board, and books,” the governor announced.

But that was nothing compared to the other incentive DeWine announced: a million-dollar lottery. Adults who have gotten at least their first dose of the vaccine will be eligible, and winners will be selected once a week for five weeks.

“The money will come from existing federal coronavirus relief funds,” DeWine said.

And if you’re thinking “wait, what?!”, DeWine explained the decision thusly:

“I know that some of you are shaking your head and saying, ‘That Mike DeWine, he’s crazy. This million-dollar drawing idea of yours is a waste of money.’ But truly, the real waste at this point in the pandemic, when the vaccine is readily available to anyone who wants it, the real waste is a life that is lost now to covid-19.”

You can watch his address above (the relevant portion starts around the 15-minute mark), via The Ohio Channel. READ MORE

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine – COVID-19 Statewide Address

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