Unhinged Antifa Protester Declares “I Can’t Wait Until Black People Lynch White People!”

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The 21st century fight for “equality” has been a farce from the beginning. What the radical left wants has nothing to do with “equal rights,” which every American citizen has, and it has nothing to do with improving black lives or black communities.

Black people are being used as pawns and foot soldiers by the radical left who have a globalist agenda to push that involves the breaking down of American society, division, strife and unrest that only a New World Order can fix.

The Black Lives Matter rhetoric has only resulted in more racism, more division, more hate and more violence. It’s resulted in a sense of entitlement amongst black communities and is leading to an inevitable explosion in racial tensions.

Racism against black people is being condemned while racism against white people is being promoted, encouraged, celebrated and supported.

The supposed fight for equality should mean everyone is treated equally based on their humanity rather than the color of their skin but in 21st century America, “equality” has come to mean something much different and much more dangerous.

The days of Martin Luther King Jr. are long gone and the era of Black Lives Matter is upon us. Segregation is making a comeback right along with hate based on skin color. Violence against white people simply for being white is the next logical phase.

During a demonstration near Seattle, an Antifa protester can be heard proudly proclaiming, “I can’t wait until black people lynch white people.”

Yes, that is the mentality of these dangerous BLM and Antifa mobs who have been indoctrinated into believing that white people are literally their enemies.

These woke mobs have been led to believe that the only way they’ll ever obtain “freedom” and “liberation” is through destroying the white people who have supposedly been holding them down.

The sentiment was heard during a far-left black bloc protest against a Billy Graham association event, according to Infowars.

At first a woman is heard stating, “I can’t wait until black people hang you, I can’t wait.”

When she is asked to repeat the statement, she proudly explains, “I can’t wait until black people lynch white people.”

After being asked if anyone else in the group agrees with the woman’s statement, one man puts his hand up and says, “I do, I do!”

BLM and Antifa are domestic terror groups and, just like Islamist jihadists, they proudly chant “death to America!” while destroying and burning US flags.

These radical groups have been formed and carefully nurtured, guided, and indoctrinated by radical globalists who want to see America crumble.

“Equality” will never be achieved through hatred, especially the racist hatred being spewed by the followers of these dangerous cults.

Just last month, Summit News reported on a group of BLM protesters in Minneapolis being filmed telling a white person who was attempting to stand with them as an ally, “You’re white! You don’t belong!” before demanding that he leave.

Can you imagine if black people would have indignantly insisted that white people did not belong in the fight for their freedom from slavery during the Civil War?

The behavior of those associated with BLM and Antifa proves that these movements have nothing at all to do with “equality” but rather the outright destruction of America and the violent division of Americans.

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