Biden Pulls Military From Israel, Warns Americans Against Traveling To The Area

( Exclusive) – We should all be concerned with what’s going on in Israel right now. The fact that President Trump managed to broker unprecedented peace in the Middle East makes what’s going on that much more hard to swallow.

We wonder if the liberals who were whining about how offended they were at Trump’s “mean tweets” think what’s going on in Israel is perfectly fine and less offensive.

It’s bad enough that Joe Biden hasn’t even been in office for 6 months and the Middle East seems to be devolving into chaos and conflict already. Now, the United States has withdrawn 120 military personnel from Israel and has issued a travel warning for Americans to the area due to the escalating violence.

During a press briefing, Defense Department spokesman John Kirby reported that the military personnel who were removed from the region were from US Central Command and European Command and were flown out on a C-17 military transport jet to Ramstein Air Base in Germany.

“We made this decision to remove these individuals in coordination with our Israeli counterparts,” Kirby said.

He also asserted that some of the personnel were in Israel in preparation for a planned bilateral event but were withdrawn in response to the escalating and unpredictable terror attacks by Hamas.

Meanwhile, the State Department issued an updated travel advisory Thursday evening. The travel advisory urges Americans to “reconsider travel” to Israel due to the “dangerous and volatile” situation within Gaza and along its border.

The department also warned that terrorist organizations aside from Hamas as well as lone-wolf terrorists might be “plotting possible attacks in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza.”

The US removal of personnel and updated travel advisory came just hours after the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Thursday evening announcement that it had deployed ground forces near the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian territory is controlled by Hamas which has been designated by the US as a foreign terrorist organization.

Hamas, along with other terrorist organizations, have fired more than 1,500 rockets at Israel in the last several days. Despite the barrage of rockets, the death toll is only around 7 civilian and military deaths.

Thanks to Israel’s Dome missile defense system, many of the rockets were intercepted before doing serious harm. Other rockets fell back into Gaza rather than advancing into Israeli territory.

In response to the terror attacks, Israeli launched a series of targeted airstrikes earlier in the week which resulted in the deaths of a top Hamas commander and several militants in Gaza.

While Democratic Muslim operatives Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib throw tantrums over the supposed aggression of Israel against Palestine, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insists that Hamas and Islamic Jihad “will pay a very heavy price for their aggression,” and rightfully so.

Hamas is a terrorist organization and Israel has a right to defend itself.

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