Marjorie Taylor Greene Shoots Back At Pelosi Calling For Investigation On The Speaker’s Refusal To Protect The Capitol On Jan. 6

( Exclusive) – While Americans are running out of gasoline, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is too busy targeting Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) to care. On Thursday, Pelosi called for a House Ethics Committee investigation of Greene after Greene dared to challenge the viewpoints of a colleague.

Remember, there’s nothing Democrats hate more than resistance and free-thinking.

America is facing crisis after crisis but don’t expect the Democrats to care. They’re too focused on their feelings and stopping “verbal assault and abuse” from occurring within their chamber walls.

Rep. Greene reportedly confronted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) outside of the House chamber on Wednesday for her blatant support of Hamas terrorism and over her refusal to partake in a debate regarding the Green New Deal.

Pelosi says the incident is “cause for trauma and fear among members.” Apparently, challenging another House member to defend their views is inciting “trauma” and “fear.” Do these people even hear themselves?

During a press conference, Pelosi was questioned by a mainstream media sycophant who wondered if House members “are safe here at the Capitol?”

Pelosi’s response was nothing short of Biden caliber nonsense. Nonetheless, the entire situation is beyond absurd.

Pelosi asserted that Greene asking AOC about her support of terrorism and wondering when she will be ready to debate the Green New Deal, which she enthusiastically promotes, is “beneath the dignity of a person serving in the Congress of the United States.”

How utterly outrageous. If members of Congress can no longer debate and challenge each other that is censorship at the highest level.

Rep. Greene was sent to Congress as the voice of her constituents and many of them likely want to know why AOC is in full, obvious support of the terrorist attacks on Israel. They want to see someone actually defend the abomination that is the “Green New Deal.”

Pelosi wants to silence Greene which effectively silences the American people.

It’s become clear that Democrats absolutely loathe Rep. Greene and for good reason. She isn’t willing to stand by and let them run amok unchecked.

In response to Pelosi’s obnoxious call for an ethics investigation into her confrontation with AOC, Greene insisted it’s time for an investigation as to why Pelosi refused to increase security on Jan. 6 when she had prior warnings that an attack was being planned.

Greene also wondered why Pelosi failed to act even when President Trump had requested the National Guard to secure and protect the Capitol building on Jan. 6.

If there is to be any investigation at all, these are the questions that need answered.

Pelosi and her corrupt cohorts only care about power and the destruction of the US. They don’t care at all about the crises facing Americans right now. If they did, they would stop attempting to destroy Republican members of Congress and try to work with them to put Biden and his fraudulent regime in check.

Unfortunately, as we can plainly see, Pelosi and the rest of the lockstep Democrats are fully behind Biden’s radical agenda and are doing their part by keeping Congress in turmoil and distracted from doing the people’s work.

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