Epic: Nashville Gas Station Hilariously Trolls Hunter Biden With Sign, “Hope Gas Prices Don’t Get Too High”

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Much of the country knows that the presidency was stolen by the corrupt Democrats and that Biden is not a duly elected president but rather an installed usurper.

Even more Americans know that Biden and his fraudulent regime are ruining the country one crisis at a time.

First Biden destroyed America’s energy dependence and destroyed thousands of jobs, he opened the southern border to illegal migrants from around the world, he has failed to end the COVID ordeal, and he’s reversed all pro-America executive actions taken by Trump.

Then came the gas crisis.

After Russia reportedly hacked the Colonial Pipeline, many states saw heavy increases in gas prices, in some areas reaching $7 a gallon, while several even ran out of gas altogether.

The Biden administration has attempted to minimize this but the reality is it’s just the latest crisis taking us closer and closer to socialism.

While the lockstep left-wing media sycophants and his brainwashed base continue to defend and stand by Biden, tens of millions of Americans have had enough, including the owners of one gas station in Nashville, Tennessee who’s making their thoughts and opinions on Biden known to the world.

The Lewis Country Store is ruffling Democrats’ feathers in the most epic of ways. Using a giant screen they’ve been broadcasting hilarious memes slamming Biden, his family and his administration.

Among the memes featured at the store are photos of Tucker Carlson laughing, an empty gas gauge with the Biden/Harris logo, and a meme of notorious drug abuser Hunter Biden smoking crack in a bathtub.

“Hope gas prices don’t get too high,” one side of the meme reads. The other side is captioned “gas prices,” with the Biden family photo.

This isn’t the first time this particular gas station and country store has gained attention for their outspoken viewpoints. They’ve previously received attention for putting up a message that read, “Roses are red. Grass is greener. If you think I’m gonna wear a mask, you can suck my weiner.”

The store also displayed a sign on their door helping customers recognize Communism and socialism when they see it and informing patrons that masks are not required in their business.

“If you are scared stay at home! If you are afraid to be within 6 feet of another person please do not enter,” the shop’s signage read.

Brad Lewis, the owner of the store, told News 2 “Rest assured people like me are willing to fight until our last breath and bullet to defend the constitution of this last frontier of freedom left on the planet we call the United States of America.”

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