CDC Director Finally Admits That COVID Cases Were Over-Counted In Hospitals Just Like President Trump Said Last Summer

( Exclusive) – Last summer it was reported by various outlets that the CDC was grossly over calculating deaths that had occurred from COVID-19. It was revealed that hospitals were counting deaths as caused by COVID when they were, in fact, caused by other factors while COVID just happened to be present.

According to the CDC’s own website back in August only around 6% of COVID recorded deaths were actually due entirely to the virus.

The Gateway Pundit reporter Joe Hoft posted an article sharing this information and pointed out that the virus was not nearly as deadly as the WHO originally had declared along with Dr. Fauci and Dr. Debra Birx.

The truth was clear, however. According to the CDC’s own numbers back in August only 6% of all deaths attributed to COVID-19 were instances where the only factor was the virus.

All other deaths reported by the CDC in connection to COVID-19, the individuals who died passed away as a result of other serious illnesses or comorbidities. At the time, only 9,201 people in the US had died directly from COVID-19 and no other causes.

This information was coming directly from the CDC but when it was tweeted by Mel Q on Twitter and shared by the Gateway Pundit and even President Trump, the leftwing media and Big Tech threw a fit.

Mel Q’s tweet resulted in her being suspended from Twitter for 12 hours for sharing “misinformation” of actual data published by the CDC. They claimed the information “violated their policy on misleading information about COVID-19.”

Of course it did because their policy on COVID-19 is to maintain the pandemic and keep Americans afraid, isolated and alone.

The leftist media sycophants even went as far as to say the President and TGP article were getting their information from a “QAnon supporter” and outright refused to look at the “science.”

Just further proof the left has only always been about opposing every single thing President Trump did and said while he was in office regardless of truth and science.

On Sunday CDC Director Rochelle Walensky confirmed that President Trump, Mel Q, and TGP were all right in their reporting and admitted that “many, many hospitals” were over counting COVID deaths to include cases that were not actual COVID deaths.

According to The Epoch Times, the typical counting program has hospitals counting those who have not been vaccinated but who die of heart attacks or other causes while testing positive for the virus as COVID-19 deaths. This is not accurate and incredibly misleading.

Finally, the CDC is admitting that “many, many” of the hospitals are counting massive numbers of deaths as COVID deaths when they are, in fact, not. If someone passes away from cancer or an accident or a heart attack or stroke, that should not be attributed to COVID-19 yet they have been for the last year.

How much more proof do some Americans need to finally believe that the entire COVID hoax has been blown way out of proportion and was used as a vessel to rig and steal the 2020 election to get President Trump out of the White House?

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