Maricopa County Is Now Threatening The Senate And Its Auditors With Possible Lawsuit Should They Complete Their Legal And Proper Audit

( Exclusive) – The fight in Arizona for election transparency in the 2020 presidential election has truly been a fight.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors have been doing everything in their power for months to stop the state Senate Republicans from moving forward with their efforts to audit the results of the 2020 election.

The MCBOS even tried to sue the state Senate and then, when they admitted they didn’t actually have any ground to stand on, attempted to perform their own audit.

Of course, they only reviewed samplings of ballots and commissioned auditing firms with ties to Dominion Voting Systems. It was all just a sham. The Senate Republicans knew it and have not relented in their efforts to perform their own forensic audit on the results.

The left is in such a panic over this that Biden’s Justice Department has even been attempting to intervene, threatening legal action and claiming to be concerned over the supposed “protection” of voters’ rights as the Senate has subpoenaed all ballots and election equipment from Maricopa County.

It’s all a charade. It’s so obvious that the MCBOS is scared to death of what will happen when Americans learn the truth.

Now they’re stepping up their efforts to stop the audit by threatening and intimidating the auditors and volunteers who are helping to conduct the audit.

The Gateway Pundit is reporting that the Maricopa County Attorney has “weaponized her office and is using it for a possible investigation of the auditors.”

The Maricopa County Attorney’s office recently sent a letter to Senate Leader Karen Fann demanding that they preserve all documents regarding the deleted election database. The reason the Attorney wants these documents saved is in the event that they decide to pursue legal action against the auditors and anyone else involved in the audit.

It’s time for the Senate to step up and demand the same of the MCBOS, their attorneys and the corrupt Democrat “non-profit” operatives who have been working against the audit efforts.

On Friday, the county threatened to follow through on legal action against the audit team.

The Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft says that, as an international auditor, he has performed “hundreds of audits around the world” and he has “never seen an audit harassed and now threatened with a lawsuit should the auditors determine to continue their work through fruition,” nor has he ever seen “an audit that is more transparent with video from nine separate cameras displaying the actions in the audit 24 hours a day.”

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, along with their Democrat cohorts, are truly getting desperate to stop this audit by any means necessary.

Their behavior is just further proof that the 2020 election was anything but free, fair or secure.

It’s time for Americans from both sides of the aisle to get behind this audit. If we no longer have fair and free elections in the US then we are no longer a free country.

Besides, can anyone who voted for Joe Biden honestly, at this point, truly say that we are better off now than we were with President Trump? There’s a reason why Trump legitimately won the election. A vast majority of Americans could plainly see the good he did for America.

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