New Hampshire 2020 Election Audit Appears To Have Been Sabotaged From The Start With Pelosi, Schumer Connections

( Exclusive) – Despite the hard work and dedication of many American patriots in New Hampshire to get to the bottom of what happened in the 2020 election, it appears their efforts may have been sabotaged from the beginning.

The Gateway Pundit has revealed some shocking evidence proving that those tasked with performing the audit of the NH election results are linked to top Democrat officials and globalist billionaire George Soros.

They’re not likely to be interested in exposing the actual truth but rather covering it up to protect Biden’s regime and maintain the fraudulent, false results from the 2020 election.

According to The Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft, auditors Philip Stark and Barbara Simons both have connections with top Dems like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer.

According to Hoft, “Both Philip Stark, Ph.D. and Barbara Simons, Ph.D., the board chair of Verified Voting and also a member of George Soros’ elite Democracy Alliance Board, are current appointees to the corrupt and powerful U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC).”

He went on to report that Stark was appointed by Speaker Pelosi in 2016 while Simons was appointed in 2008 by former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D).

These auditors are likely loyal to the Democrat establishment rather than the efforts to expose fraud and corruption in US elections.

Hoft notes that the audit team is “being driven by secretive, Democrat-socialist political interests, is anything but fair, impartial, and nonpartisan.” Their goals do not align with those of the patriots in NH who have been fighting for election transparency and integrity.

Hoft goes on in his report to explain that New Hampshire’s voting machines, Diebold AccuVote OS, are notorious for being easily hackable and it was Dr. Harri Hursti who exposed the ease of hacking into these machines back in 2005.

In 2005, Hursti proved that it took no time at all and very little effort to hack into the Diebold systems’ memory cards to change vote counts. He also showed that the hacking was totally undetectable.

Hoft reported, “All Hursti did was take a Diebold, credit card-sized memory card, quickly pre-program it using an inexpensive, readily available agricultural scanning device, and stick it in the Diebold optical scanner. No keys or passwords were needed. His hack happened fast.”

He noted that the staged election outcome matched that of what Hursti hacked the system to result in and therefore Hursti essentially decided the election all on his own.

Dr. Hursti also informed America that there were other ways that Diebold memory cards could be hacked and that the one he demonstrated was just one of those ways.

Hoft further pointed out that Diebold Election Systems acquired Global Election Systems in 2002 and changed its name in 2007 to Premier Election Solutions. This company was then partially purchased in 2010 by a company called Dominion Voting Systems.

Of course, Dominion is now infamous for their role in the stolen 2020 US presidential election and it looks like their tentacles are even more far-reaching than anyone thought.

Despite the demonstration by Hursti showing just how easy these voting machines are to hack and manipulate, New Hampshire decided to purchase them anyway.

Hursti even gave testimony in 2007 at NH House Election Law Committee hearings in which he said, “If you are believing on poll tape that doesn’t mean a thing because I can control the whole thing over whatever logic and accuracy that you perform just before the election. Because I have control. I can compare the date, the time. And so in order to be producing fraudulent tape, I will be producing fraudulent tape only on Tuesday evening. And I don’t worry about what ballots go through.”

The reality is that the auditors are clearly biased operatives set on steering the audit in favor of the left while the entire effort to audit the machines appears futile after seeing that Hursti proved fraud was easy to accomplish and virtually impossible to detect.

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