New Report Says Biden Administration Shut Down Investigation Into Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

( Exclusive) – A brand new report from Infowars has revealed that President Joe Biden and those working in his administration shut down an investigation that was looking into the possibility of the coronavirus leaking out of a lab in Wuhan, a project that was launched under former President Donald Trump.

This idea, that the virus was man-made and leaked from a lab in Wuhan used to be something that everyone scoffed at. To even suggest such a ridiculous notion got you labeled a conspiracy theorist. However, not too long ago, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who originally denied this theory, now says it’s possible.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is the one who opened the investigation while he was working at the State Department as he has long maintained that the possibility of a lab leak was something that needed to be examined more in depth.

A report from CNN says that the main focus of the investigation was aimed at trying to investigate whether or not China has biological weapons and to find out if it had a “greater role in the pandemic’s origin in Wuhan.”

The report says, “Officials involved in the effort relied on scientific research as well as public and classified information to probe the lab leak theory, including looking into any possible connection between the virus and the Chinese government’s biological weapons program.”

“The US government has said that it believes China maintained an offensive biological weapons program even after joining the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention in 1984. China refutes this,” the report goes on to say.

Unfortunately, before this investigation was able to get off the ground, it was shut down by Biden officials who stated there were too many concerns about the “quality” of the evidence.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki spoke on Tuesday saying that the current evidence pointing to some kind of Chinese lab leak as the source of the coronavirus pandemic does not constitute “enough data and information to jump to a conclusion,” just before she went on to say the U.S. would not be conducting its own investigation.

“Instead, the Biden administration has thrown its weight behind the World Health Organization, despite the fact that the health body previously complained that it had ‘not been invited’ by China to investigate the outbreak, and has continually been criticized for propping up Communist Party talking points,” the Infowars report says.

“In addition, after spending months trying to negotiate a visit, WHO officials largely absolved China of blame for the outbreak after visiting the virus lab in Wuhan for just 3 hours,” the report continues.

Pompeo was none too happy with the actions of the Biden administration, expressing his disgust at witnessing government scientists over the last year completely disregarding the possibility of the coronavirus originating in a lab “when they surely must have seen the same information that I had seen.”

“That includes, certainly, Dr. Fauci as well,” Pompeo said.

It seems like progressives all over this country have been doing their best to avoid the idea of investigating China. Why is that? What’s going on behind the curtain? We need to exhaust every single theory about how this virus first started. This will enable us to take measures to ensure none of this ever happens again.

Video: Pompeo: COVID cover-up efforts by Chinese Communist Party are ‘staggering’

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