COVID Abuses’ Supported by Some, Resisted by Others — and Have Grim Historical Precedent

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Surge Summary: Today’s disturbing examples of COVID-19 overreach by government have an alarming precedent in the run-up to Nazi Germany. COVID hysteria was abetted by some high-profile types, called out by others. In some states, government officials who are overstepping their bounds are finding stiff resistance.

David Lane
American Renewal Project

Have Thousands of Orange County residents publicly made their outrage known about the objective of a mandatory vaccination and exploitation of their children by public school and county officials. As a result, both the Orange County Board of Supervisors and the Orange County Board of Education passed resolutions last week by a 4-1 margin, halting local government and bureaucratic encroachment and overreach under the aegis of vaccinations and digital vaccine passports.1

Orange County human rights attorney Leigh Dundas addressed in no uncertain terms the despotic hectoring and blue state government bullying: “Make no mistake, this a second holocaust my friends. Hitler did not start by burning people in ovens, that’s where he ended. The first thing he did to consolidate power is that he closed ‘nonessential’ businesses, as did Governor Newsom in my state [California]. The second thing he did was to close schools because they are the heart of the family.

“He [Hitler] marked the people he didn’t like so he could segregate them and discriminate against them … and do worse. And this week in Orange County, CA, the little cattle car came to our town. Hitler started by changing 400 laws in the first 6 years in his reign of power and my governor [Newsom] changed 400 laws in the first 6 months …”

When the masks and face coverings last year came on, it paradoxically showed the real face of our supposed leaders and rulers in all its sanctimoniousness and rapacious lust for power. The yearning for power over others with its inevitable, destructive abuses reached in no time epidemic proportions. One of its most destructive effects were on man’s humanity to man.

Incongruously, repressing and dominating others, resulting from the lust for power and the misuse of authority, was steadfastly claimed to be “for their own good.”

In the words of C.S. Lewis [1898-1963]: “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.”3

Austrian medical doctor and psychotherapist Alfred Adler [1870-1937] wrote extensively on the issue of “power addiction” or “power intoxication”: “The striving for personal power is a disastrous delusion and poisons man’s living together. Whoever desires the human community must renounce the striving for power over others. … One thing can save us: the mistrust of any form of predominance. Our strength lies in conviction, in organizing strength, in a worldview, not in the violence of armament and not in emergency laws.”2

Consequent to CA Governor Gavin Newsom’s [D] overbearing directives and executive orders over the past year, organizers in March submitted more than 2.1 million signatures to recall Newsom, far exceeding the 1.5 million required. Having single-handedly put millions of Californians out of work and brought catastrophic suffering and damage upon its citizens and businesses, Newsom, deservedly, will have to face CA voters in 2021.

The discriminatory and unconstitutional discrepancies behind the delusive façade of “following the science” by Newsom and every tyrant blue state governor and mayor across America became unmasked last week. The District Court and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals placed a permanent injunction “against COVID restrictions on churches and places of worship. Under the agreed state-wide permanent injunction, all California churches may hold worship without discriminatory restrictions.

“Under the settlement, California may no longer impose discriminatory restrictions upon houses of worship. The governor must also pay Liberty Counsel $1,350,000 to reimburse attorney’s fees and costs.”

Maine Pastor Ken Graves wrote, “The tyrants have been served notice today. Every single governor under the influence of the spirit of antichrist, including Maine’s, just learned that they cannot win this battle. It’s costing California $1.3M to pay Liberty Counsel the costs to fight them. LC’s foe just became their biggest donor!”

Every tyrannical governor across America, including CA Governor Gavin Newsom, MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and ME Governor Janet Mills, has been placed on notice that the fix is over. …

This brings us to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats, like Dr. Anthony Fauci, along with blue state governors and mayors who have overplayed their hand in declaring places of worship “non-essential” while simultaneously classifying liquor stores, marijuana distribution centers, and abortion clinics as “essential.”

President Trump last year brought much of the tribulation on himself by embracing an illusive flatten-the-curve-approach advanced by Dr. Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx to deal with the emerging health crisis, turning it into a full-blown panic demic. The president took the bait hook, line, and sinker, possibly because of his goal of reelection in 2020. He enjoyed mammoth nightly ratings on the rather convincing Fauci/Birx briefings, in the process elevating the medical duo to celebrity status and allowing Big Pharma, Big Tech, and government bureaucrats to take control.

Dr. Birx’s daughter, Laura, you may remember, was deputy director at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Dr. Birx’s husband, Paige Reffe, was director of advance planning for Bill and Hillary Clinton [1995-1996]. Reffe contributed $8100 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2015 and 2016. Elevating prominent liberals like Birx and Fauci to eminence was President Trump’s huge mistake. After all, personnel is policy.

“[If] Anthony Fauci let the coronavirus pandemic happen,” Tucker Carlson wondered, “why isn’t there a criminal investigation [for his putting 40 million Americans out of work and bankrupting American businesses, some 65% of which will never recover]?”

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul accused Fauci of “lying about the NIH’s involvement in funding of the Wuhan lab.”4

Having abandoned the Judeo-Christian heritage, Biblically based culture, and model of education established by the Founders through the 17th and 18th centuries, truth and honesty are no longer at a premium in America’s culture. America’s Founders certainly would not have tolerated Fauci’s antics and lying to the American people.

“Whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much,” it says in Luke 16:10. If Dr. Fauci will manipulate and doctor the numbers to gain the advantage in COVID, we may safely assume that he will lie about having no financial incentive in Big Pharma’s panic for profit vaccine scam as well as having nothing to do with the Wuhan lab. Can a leopard change his spots? [Jeremiah 13:23]

Commenting on the habits of the deceptive, Dr. Bruce K. Waltke wrote: “A deceitful trader [in ancient Israel] carried in his pouch differing weights, a too heavy one for purchase and a too light one for selling. Dishonest merchants outwardly defraud their neighbors and inwardly deny God. The Creator and Upholder of the moral order is repulsed by them, and his offended moral sensibility demands his active response; otherwise, he would be relegated to the position of a spectator. Honest people, who seek His favor and find it, believe that He bestows the enduring blessings of life and prosperity.”5

And to that end, thanks be to God, Gideons and Rahabs are beginning to stand.

David Lane
American Renewal Project


2. Alfred Adler, The Psychology of Power; 1928.

3. C.S. Lewis, God in the Dock: Essays on Theology and Ethics; 1970.


5. Bruce K. Waltke, Proverbs Commentary

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Image: Adapted from: Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-14271B / CC-BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0 de,



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