President Trump: “What Happens When People Find Out All These States Are Gonna Flip?” After Fraud Is Exposed

( Exclusive) – Despite Democrats’ efforts to shun President Trump and send him into political obscurity oblivion, the American people still very much want to hear what he has to say and millions still believe he is the legitimate president.

This week, Trump sat down with radio show host Wayne Allyn Root on his nationally-syndicated radio show “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered,” on the USA Radio Network. The two discussed a myriad of topics but the stolen election was, by far, the one that likely interested Americans the most.

The ongoing forensic audits that are taking place in several states came up and President Trump’s response has surely got liberals shaking in their boots.

Trump told Root, “I think, well frankly, I think there’s gonna be a big problem because when people find out that all of these states are gonna flip, does that mean you go three-and-a-half years with somebody that is destroying our country?…”

Root responded and asked “What happens when you find out?”

Trump said “Well, it’s gonna be interesting to see what happens… All I do is… I sit back and watch.”

This is a really hot topic right now. What will happen when the results of the audits going on around the US reveal that the certified results were wrong? What happens when widespread fraud is found and exposed?

Will the Democrats and their media lapdogs finally admit the election was stolen? Will the corrupt Department of Justice get involved to see that those who fraudulently interfered in the 2020 presidential election face justice?

Will the Democrats be held accountable for their roles in the stolen election?

Naturally, the American people are skeptical. Many believe there’s no point in the audits and that the Democrats are just going to manipulate them and even if fraud is exposed, nothing will be done about it.

With or without the audits, there may still be hope for America’s future, though things look awfully grim right now under Biden and his fraudulent regime.

During his interview with Trump, Root says they discussed a “game-changer” that is sure to excite Trump supporters.

Root said the “most important idea” to come out of his talk with President Trump could very well be the solution to saving America and taking it back from the Democrats, who only want to turn it into a “socialist craphole.”

Root claims that his idea has been getting “conservatives excited and motivated again,” he’s had thousands of emails telling him it’s “brilliant,” and that President Trump “appeared to be fascinated” by it.

Root suggests that President Trump run for a House seat in 2022 in a “winnable Republican district in Florida.”

He says, “I promise 74+ million Trump voters will get excited. They will volunteer, donate, spread the word and yes, many will move to your district in Florida to help elect you, Mr. President.”

Root says that if President Trump did this it wouldn’t be about just one House seat but that it would essentially revive the conservative, MAGA movement and lead to Republicans sweeping a cascade of seats in 2022. He asserts it would lead to the “biggest GOP voter turnout in history.”

The most ingenious part of the plan, however, comes after Trump wins a seat in the House. The GOP would then elect him to Speaker of the House and he would be the second most powerful man in Washington DC.

“From that platform, Trump rules DC for the next two years. He is Biden’s worst nightmare.”

Not just Biden, the entire Democratic establishment machine.

As Speaker, Trump would hold the power and authority to open criminal investigations against Biden and his corrupt family. He could lead the efforts to impeach Biden and he could block all of the radical legislation proposed by Democrats.

This would stop Biden and the Democrats’ deranged agenda in its tracks and truly be the way to save America, especially in the event that nothing comes from the audits.

It truly is ingenious. The only question is, would President Trump do it?

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