Watch: Capitol Police Started Shooting Flash Grenades And Rubber Bullets At Peaceful Trump Crowd On Jan. 6

( Exclusive) – We have all known there was a lot more to what happened on Jan. 6 at the US Capitol than what the Democrats and their mainstream media sycophants have been claiming.

According to them, the incident was a failed “insurrection” attempt by crazed and violent armed Trump supporters. Some members of Congress (we’re looking at you, AOC) have even made extreme claims like that the protestors were there to “murder” Democrats and Mike Pence.

The reality of what happened on Jan. 6, however, is vastly different from this dramatic tale the Democrats have pushed.

Yes, Trump supporters did go to the Capitol on Jan. 6 and yes they did enter the building but they were not armed and entered the complex after essentially being invited to by Capitol Police.

The only murder that occurred was that of Trump supporter and veteran Ashli Babbitt who was shot by a still unnamed Capitol Police officer in cold blood.

Video after video has surfaced of the supposedly violent “insurrection” and they all show the same thing. Trump supporters, mostly confused, wandering around the Capitol while a handful of Antifa-like figures vandalize property.

Now, there is yet another video that proves that Trump supporters were hardly the instigators the left is making them out to be.

A video released by American Greatness shows a man describing what was happening to the crowd as they were gathered outside of the Capitol before anyone ever entered the complex.

As the man in the video points out, the crowd was made up of concerned American citizens, many of them either holding or wearing American flags. Yet, this didn’t stop the Capitol Police from firing flash grenades, a type of stun grenade used to disorient a target’s senses, and rubber bullets onto the peaceful protestors.

From the video it’s clear that this group of protestors weren’t even on the Capitol steps and were behind barriers placed by law enforcement. They weren’t breaking any laws and were certainly not behaving aggressively or violently in any way.

There were children and seniors in the crowd. Not exactly the type of people you’d bring along to a planned insurrection.

This scene unfolded around 1:30 in the afternoon, prior to anyone entering the Capitol which, as other videos have shown, seems to have been encouraged by the police themselves.

The man who took the video is Kash Kelly, a former gang member and founder of the Streetlights Unity Movement and Foundation, a group he launched in 2020 to oppose the radical Marxist Black Lives Matters organization and to help at-risk inner-city youth.

Kelly was and is an outspoken supporter of President Trump and now he is sitting in jail, being charged with two misdemeanors, since the Jan. 6 incident. He was arrested on January 14 and on March 8 was moved to a DC holding jail where he remains, awaiting trial.

The Capitol riot has been and is still being used by Democrats to politically persecute supporters of President Trump and they’re only just getting started.

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