Migrant Safe House Discovered In Scottsdale, AZ; ICE And Other Gov. Agents Are Providing Around The Clock Security And Catering For Illegals

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Jordan Conradson, a reporter who works for Gateway Pundit went out to investigate the Homewood Suites in the city of Scottsdale, Arizona after he received a tip that this area was being used as a safe house for illegal immigrants. The address of the hotel in question is 9880 N. Scottsdale Rd.

According to the report, Conradson got to the hotel and the first thing he witnessed was that every single entrance to the place was barricaded. He had to park down the street. As he approached the hotel, he was greeted by some officers.

“What’s going on here?” Conradson asked.

The LES Officer replied by saying, “You actually need to leave the property. It’s actually a closed hotel.”

Conradson continued to push for answers by asking once again what was going on.

The LES officer once again stonewalled, saying, “This is private property man.”

He asked a third time what was going on.

“If you want to get information for that you need to go to endeavors.org,” the officer said.

“I heard that they were harboring illegal immigrants here. Is that true?” the reporter asked.

“You can go to the endeavors.org website and they’ll give you as much information as they can,” the LES officer answered.

Conradson then asked the officer who he worked for. He replied that he was on contract with LES, which is a law enforcement contract service company.

The GP reporter then asked why people aren’t being allowed on the premises, to which the LES officer repeated that he should go to endeavors.org to get information.

“Endeavors.org is the website for Family Endeavors, a San Antonio nonprofit tied to the Biden administration. They received an $87 million no-bid contract in March to clothe and shelter illegal immigrants. They then received ANOTHER contract for $530 MILLION shortly after,” the GP report says.

Conradson then decided to try a different entrance, asking the DOT agent what was going on at the hotel. The agent responded by saying they didn’t know what was going on, only that they weren’t allowed to let anyone inside the building without badges.

When asked who the agent works for, they said the Department of Transportation.

Conradson then demanded to know who was staying at the hotel before point-blank asking if illegal immigrants were staying there.

“A Selrico Services food van pulled out of the parking lot. Selrico is a food service company that is also based in San Antonio. They must be contracted to provide food for those in this country illegally,” the report said.

“A Scottsdale local was walking in his neighborhood to see what was going on at this hotel that is right next to his home. Richard could not believe this was happening and agreed to do an interview,” the report stated.

“I’m pretty sure that they’re housing legal immigrants inside of this hotel off of taxpayer dollars. What do you think about that, Richard?” Conradson asked.

“It’s terrible that they would put that in the middle of a nice community without alerting all of the neighbors. There are a lot of rumors going around and everyone is concerned about who’s living next to them,” Richard answered.

“Yeah, so we know a lot of a lot of these illegal immigrants are bringing crime across the border, they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing you name it even human slaves right, human sex trafficking is a big issue. You don’t want that in your community, do you?” Conradson followed up.

“I don’t think anyone wants that in their community,” Richard said.

He then asked Richard if he had any children. He said he had two young children and was just walking around the neighborhood to see what was going on, noting they have the hotel blocked off and that he’s just trying to get informed about what is happening next to him.

Conradson later called into the local police station since no one was divulging any information at the hotel. The Dispatcher stated that there was nothing going on outside of the fact that the hotel was being monitored by ICE and that they are to have a police presence there around the clock.

Along with local police, other outside agencies in the state of Arizona were also helping to monitor the facility.

The conversation continued but did not produce any further useful information.

It’s horrific to think that there is over $600 million going to fund operations designed to flood conservative counties with illegals so they can magically transform them into lifelong Democratic voters and usurp power from the people.

These folks do not care about defending our country or the citizens who live in it. All that matters is shoving through the progressive agenda.

A group known as Family Endeavors, which is a nonprofit out of San Antonio and is tied in deeply with the Biden administration, is helping to provide sanctuary for these undocumented immigrants in that hotel and in other locations around Scottsdale.

Many residents of the city have decided to ban together and put on a rally to protest this along with the crisis at the border.

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