Eye Witness Account Of January 6th Riot Says Cops Fired On Crowd, Used Gas, And Tried To Bait Protesters, But They Stayed Peaceful

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Earlier in the week, the good folks over at the Gateway Pundit reported a story that revealed Capitol Police hurled tear gas into a crowd of peaceful citizens, a group of folks that included women, children, and elderly individuals outside the U.S. Capitol.

What’s interesting about this is that the mainstream media has taken every opportunity possible to sound alarms and bring about “awareness” when dealing with police reactions to Antifa and Black Lives Matter despite the fact buildings are being burned by these groups and businesses looted, all the while not covering this stuff at all.

According to a new report from the Gateway Pundit, one of the publication’s readers has put together a video made from the images this person captured on the day of the siege along with his own personal observations.

“I was on the West-side of the building from 1pm to 4pm– from the beginning of the supposed mob attack, to well past the time when USAF veteran Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed by police inside the building. Many of the images shown by the media come from this side of the building,” the witness said.

“When I arrived at the building, I was approximately 30′ from the front edge of the crowd,” the witness continued, adding, “The police had an ideal defensive situation, as the Capitol building sits atop a 35’ vertical limestone wall. To access the Capitol building from my location, you first needed to enter the courtyard 35’ above.”

He then noted that the only way to the courtyard was through a single, narrow stairwell. The police only needed to defend that stairwell from above in order to control the crowd. However, the police did not stay on the high ground. Instead, they ignored tactical logic by going to the ground level and then engaging directly with the peaceful crowd.

“Then, without warning, police began firing flash/bang grenades, tear gas, and pepper spray into the crowd. Prior to this attack the police made no attempt to communicate with the crowd; they did not declare “an unlawful assembly” or ask the crowd to leave—they simply attacked a peaceful crowd. A tear gas canister struck me in the head, knocking my eyeglasses to the ground,” he said.

The police then continued to work over the crowd in abusive fashion for another 30-45 minutes, allowing media to snap some pictures and get some video footage show the cops allegedly “repelling” the “attack.”

Also, it’s worth noting that the cops on the scene were taking action to bait the crowd into counterattack as the police officers here were skinny and not very intimidating, which means they did not at all appear to be authentic riot forces. There’s also a larger police presence at a local high school football game compared to what was seen by the witness on the West side of the Capitol building.

Yet, despite all that, the crowd remained peaceful.

“When the media had their images and it became clear that the crowd was not going to attack the police or the building police tactics changed,” the witness said, going on to add, “The police behavior suddenly changed from “repelling the mob” to becoming tour-guides allowing the people to climb the stairs, enter the courtyard and even enter the building. Obviously, had the protesters stayed on the ground below the courtyard stairwell the narrative of the storming, violent mob overrunning the police would have collapsed.”

At one point during the madness, as the police at the Capitol started firing shots into the crowd, a woman was actually shot in the leg. Again, this isn’t the kind of stuff you see on the mainstream media news coverage of the event. It destroys their narrative.

Another GP reader said, “I took this video as we were walking away from the Capitol Building on Jan 6, right around the time President Trump issued his statement asking people to “go home”. I’m sure you can see the location and time from the video’s meta-data.”

The reader added, “A crowd had formed around her as she stood there with her pants down, and people were scrambling to help her with her injury. From the moment we arrived at the Capitol, police were launching explosive projectiles into the crowd.”

The woman apparently did nothing wrong, yet caught a bullet anyway. That’s totally uncalled for and inappropriate behavior from a law enforcement officer.

Throughout the entire video it becomes quite clear that the folks in the crowd were not an angry, out-of-control mob that was participating in a violent insurrection. They were exercising their First Amendment rights to voice their grievances against what they believe to be an illegitimate victory for President Joe Biden.

The “riot” was likely staged by progressives who wanted to paint up conservatives as violent radicals as a means of discrediting them so that it would be more difficult to spread their ideology or look deep into the election fraud that unfolded over the last few months.

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