MAGA Congressional Candidate Says We Need To Investigate ‘Virus Hunter’ Ralph Baric And ‘Gain Of Function’ Research At UNC

( Exclusive) – Jarome Bell, a Virginia-based America First candidate running for Congress and retired Navy Chief, is now calling for an investigation to be launched into gain of function research that was performed on COVID-like bat viruses at the University of North Carolina and later on in China at the Wuhan Institute of Virology by researcher Ralph Baric.

According to Infowars, Baric has ties to Dr. Anthony Fauci and is known in the scientific community for the work he has done to track down bat-born illnesses, which are then made more dangerous to humans through lab research.

Bell wrote a tweet that was published on Wednesday after a huge dump of Fauci’s emails were brought out into the public through a Freedom Of Information Act request, which destroyed the various narratives the doctor has pushed regarding the origins of the COVID-19 virus and how much of the world responded to the illness, saying, “Fauci, disgraced.”

“Now the world needs to take a hard look at phony ‘Virus Hunter’ Ralph Baric & UNC’s involvement in COVID Gain of Function research before 2013,” Bell, who is running for the GOP nomination to Congress in Virginia’s 2nd District said, adding, “Also, who allowed that research to resume in the U.S. before it was moved to China?”

“Dating back nearly a decade, reports of Baric’s work at the University of North Carolina boasted of scientifically engineered bat viruses capable of jumping species and infecting humans, specifically mentioning a COVID-like coronavirus, which gain of function researchers found to be capable of latching onto human receptors and infecting human airways.’The latest work shows that the virus has already overcome critical barriers, such as being able to latch onto human receptors and efficiently infect human airway cells, [Baric] says. ‘I don’t think you can ignore that,’” Infowars says in their report.

“Despite dire warnings from others in the scientific and medical communities, Baric’s work at UNC continued before ultimately being moved to Wuhan, China, where the COVID-19 pandemic reportedly began. ‘This is not a situation of if there will be an outbreak of one of these coronaviruses but rather when,’ Baric told Science Daily in 2015,” the report continues.

Calls for full investigations into Baric have continued to grow stronger as the coronavirus pandemic has continued on. It seems that despite their best efforts to help keep this whole thing under wraps the mainstream media, along with the political establishment in both the GOP and the Democratic Party and other government agencies have failed to prevent the truth from coming out. The emails from Fauci paint a much different picture of the virus’s origins than what we’ve been told by those mentioned above.

“Numerous conservative elected officials and thought leaders have called for a full investigation into Anthony Fauci, Ralph Baric, and others tied to the origins of COVID-19, with Infowars host Alex Jones calling for the men to stand for Nuremberg-style trials for crimes against humanity. As previously reported by National File, on Wednesday’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson too called for an investigation into Fauci and his associates, pondering whether or not the Doctor had perjured himself before the United States Senate when he furiously denied his involvement in gain of function research to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul,” the Infowars report adds.

All of those who have been at the top of leadership for government agencies, state and local politics, and other areas that have been heavily involved in the narrative spinning of the coronavirus need to be investigated. That includes Fauci and Baric.

There’s certainly more going on here than meets the eye. With the destruction this virus has wrought both physically and economically, the people of the world and the United States specifically, deserve answers. We deserve the truth.

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