Upcoming Military Tribunals (Revision 3)

As many know, I am trying to keep pace with the sudden increase of military tribunals holding Deep State operatives to account for the crimes against American and its people. Dates are always tentative and subject to change, based on how often I receive info from people in the know. I’m often asked, “When will the mass arrests happen,” and my response is this: According to sources, the mass sweep will not happen until Donald J. Trump has been reinaugurated, an event I believe will happen this July or August, based on Trump’s own words, which I heard beforehand.  Leading up to the “mass sweep,” the U.S. military, and JAG specifically, is taking down the Deep State Leadership. That is, persons of power who have the power and financial means to disrupt Trump’s mission to restore American to the people.

Below is a list of scheduled military tribunals.


William Jefferson Clinton, happening now at GITMO.

John Boehner – Scheduled for June 17, expected to be brief.

William Barr – moved to June 21

Actor Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson – June 21

Actor Kevin Spacey – moved to June 23, to be held at the U.S. military’s holding facility in Tierra del Fuego, which I reported on earlier.

Dr. Deborah Birx – June 23, at GITMO.

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett – June 28, at GITMO

Former FEMA Directors Craig Fugate and Brock Long, June 29 in Tierra del Fuego.

Susan Rice and Samantha Power, July 2, location unknown at this time.

Mitt Romney, July 2, location unknown.

George Soros, July 5, location unknown.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, July 9, GITMO.

Rex Tillerson, July 17, location unknown.

Warren Buffett, July 19.

Although Huma Abedin’s tribunal occurred a week ago, it was not held at GITMO and thus my reporting on it has been delayed. I will report asap.

This list is not all-inclusive.


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