Attorney Ty Clevenger Gets FOIA Response From FBI Stating It Will Take Decades To Provide All Seth Rich Related Documents

( Exclusive) – The FBI has been corrupt for years now. It didn’t just become corrupt overnight when Trump ran for the presidency. Barack Obama spent many years of his administration carefully molding the Deep State to what it is today.

The whole of Washington DC is a corrupt swamp and none of its once-respectable institutions can be trusted. They no longer work in the best interests of the American people.

The FBI has gone from the nation’s top law-enforcement agency to a partisan weapon of the Democratic Party. Everything they do revolves around the left’s anti-American agenda.

As of recently that has meant the rounding up and political persecution of Trump supporters who happened to be unfortunate enough to be involved in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot which was likely set up by the FBI themselves.

For years, however, the FBI has been targeting political opponents of the establishment. In 2016, when DNC staffer Seth Rich was gunned down at 4 am near his Washington DC home, red flags were immediately raised.

At first glance, it appeared Rich was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time but a closer look revealed there was likely something much more nefarious at play.

It has been rumored that Rich was behind a series of leaked emails obtained by WikiLeaks which pertained to Hillary Clinton.

We all know what happens to people when they mess with the Clintons (Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself).

Rich was murdered and the next thing you know, the FBI is involved. Why on earth would that be?

Attorney Ty Clevenger has spent the last 5 years trying to get to the bottom of Rich’s death and the subsequent FBI involvement in the case.

After filing a recent FOIA request for all records pertaining to Rich, the FBI has responded to Clevenger and it’s not looking good. The FBI appears to be in no hurry to get Clevenger the records he’s requesting.

Clevenger believes, according to the FBI’s response, it could be decades before all the requested records are released.

In Clevenger’s most recent FOIA request he had expanded his scope of requested information to include all the emails with the Awan brothers who may have worked with Rich, emails relating to the hack of the DNC in 2016, and emails related to the FBI surveilling Clevenger’s client Ed Butowski, who claimed Rich was the one leaking the Clinton documents to WikiLeaks.

The FBI’s response proves they are in no rush to let the truth out. According to FBI Section Chief Michael Seidel, the FBI plans to take 26 months in the Texas (Butowski) case to produce records (regardings Imran Awan and family) which they are already required to produce to fulfill a request made by Judicial Watch in a separate case.

Clevenger says:

After the 26 months is over, it appears that the FBI wants to begin producing 495,862 pages about the hacking of DNC emails. If they’re intending to do that at the standard rate of 500 pages per month, that will take almost 83 years. Maybe they’re saying they could whittle down the 496k records first, then start producing them at 500 pages per month, but we’re still talking about decades.

The FBI is clearly in no rush to provide documents relating to Seth Rich and it shows. It’s just another way in which the FBI is proving their allegiance to the Deep State.

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