International Embarrassment: Joe Biden Brings Note Cards With Him To Sit-Down Meeting With Putin

( Exclusive) – We were told for four years while President Trump was in office, that the rest of the world was laughing at us. We can only imagine what the rest of the world is thinking now that Joe Biden has usurped the White House.

Pictures of Biden’s meeting with Putin shows the Usurper-in-Chief sitting with his legs crossed, holding flash cards. Yes, flash cards. How utterly embarrassing.

This wasn’t the first time flash cards made an appearance while Biden was on his 8-day overseas trip. He had been using them the whole time and in one case the flash cards were nothing more than trash-talking points on President Trump.

It’s downright shameful, however, that Biden’s handlers actually sent him into the meeting with Putin carrying flash cards, especially considering Putin’s fervent desire to make the US look as weak and pathetic as possible.

Putin doesn’t even need to lift a finger to accomplish that with the notoriously gaffe-prone Joe Biden at the helm. The meeting between Putin and Biden was anxiously anticipated by Americans and the media, especially after Biden called Putin a “killer” last year.

It went just about how we all should have expected. Putin clearly dominated the meeting and Biden appeared to be the puppet that we all know he is.

Russia has been a long-time adversary of the United States and when the US president sits down with Putin, who has seemed to make a life mission out of embarrassing other world leaders, it’s imperative that Putin is met with strength and dominance.

Joe Biden met him with note cards. What could possibly exude weakness more than that?

Ironically, however, this wasn’t the first time note cards such as the ones Biden carried have made an appearance at a US-Russia summit.

When President Trump met with Putin in 2018, it was Putin who brought the note cards.

Despite the fact that leftists just couldn’t seem to get past President Trump’s supposed “mean tweets,” Trump actually handled himself remarkably well anytime he was on the world stage.

He always knew what to say to fellow world leaders and was never intimidated or bullied. What’s more is he was always even-tempered, unlike Biden who routinely snaps at reporters and others around him who are just doing their jobs.

Trump exuded strength and the world was actually a much better place because of it. Biden, on the other hand, is a walking meme. Always bumbling, losing his train of thought, and in constant need of note cards and teleprompters.

Joe Biden is an international embarrassment.

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