AZ Audit Director Ken Bennett Says Investigation Into Voter Anomalies Ahead, Like 52 Ballots From 2-Bedroom Home

( Exclusive) – There is a lot of Democrat chicanery going down in Arizona and there has been since well before the election and on Election Day.

Dems and their cohorts have been completely unwilling to be transparent and have done everything in their power to impede the Maricopa County forensic audit in any way they can.

Ken Bennet, current Senate liaison for the Maricopa County audit and a former Arizona Secretary of State, gave an update on the audit to John Fredericks on the Outside the Beltway podcast.

During the interview, Bennett laid out all the ways in which the auditors are working to verify the election results including the now-concluded hand-counting of ballots, the paper evaluation of the physical ballots, examining the electronic elections system (which Democrats are STILL blocking), and investigating voting anomalies such as 52 ballots coming from one two-bedroom home.

He discussed with Fredericks how the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is still standing in the way of them reviewing and examining the related routers that were used during the election to determine if anyone had accessed the system or not.

Bennett explained that the MCBOS is still outright refusing to provide the administrative passwords needed for the tabulation machines in order to finish the evaluation of the routers and the system.

The MCBOS is claiming that if they provide the passwords it would somehow compromise Sheriff office deputies’ social security numbers along with the “health records” of private citizens.

Of course, this is completely bogus but the Democrats and their cohorts are literally grasping at straws at this point in desperation to conceal the truth. Judging by the fact that they refuse to hand over the passwords, we can assume that the tabulation machines were likely accessed on Election Night and manipulated.

Bennett further explained that another part of the process is going through all of the mail-in envelopes to ensure that each one has a valid signature that matches up with a resident of Maricopa County.

Under Arizona state law, ballots that are missing signatures are not permitted to be counted. These ballots should have never even been opened.

“So, if the signatures don’t match or the signatures aren’t there, what happens?” Fredricks asked.

“Well, then part of our report would say that Maricopa County opened X numbers of thousands of envelopes and counted the ballots inside those envelopes that never should have been opened,” Bennett explained.

In the final minute of the interview, Bennett gave a quick overview of what people can expect in the coming weeks and mentioned “voter registration anomalies.”

“There is still checking of voter registration anomalies,” he explained before citing “fifty two people voting from a two-bedroom home somewhere, or people voting twice, or dead people voting.”

“There’s going to be a few to several weeks of that type of investigation, and then there will probably be a few to several weeks of putting the whole report together,” he added. “The report’s going to be massive.”

According to Bennett, there is still much work to be done in Maricopa County to fully expose all of the underhanded, fraudulent ways in which Dems stole the 2020 election. Stay tuned!

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