Busted: Trump Warned Both Raffensperger And His Attorney Ryan Germany About Voter Fraud; Bombshell New Evidence Reveals Germany Was Aware Of Fraud On Election Night, Then Hid It From Trump

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Brad Raffensperger, along with his attorney Ryan Germany, are no doubt extremely worried about some brand new information that is breaking in the public right now, as it serves to expose the true depth of their corruption and betrayal of the conservative ideal.

According to a new report from Gateway Pundit, there was a report that was given to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger concerning election fraud, despite the fact he claimed that the election in his state was secure. The report made it clear there were criminal actions involved in the election.

Back in early December ballots that were in the State Farm Arena located in Fulton County, Georgia were jammed through voting machines during the dark of night after all of the election observers had been kicked out of the location. Former President Donald Trump then warned Raffensperger about criminal acts, but he continued to deny their existence.

Trump warned the attorney general, along with his attorney Ryan Germany, that many of the ballots were being yanked out from beneath the table and pushed through the voting machine. Then, in the early part of January, Raffensperger leaked portions of the call that he had with the president where this information was shared with him to the news media.

During one part of the conversation, Trump discusses the action taken by the individual known as Ruby, during the events of election night.

“But Cleta, even before you do that, and not even including that, that’s why hardly even included that number, although in one state we have a tremendous amount of dead people. So I don’t know — I’m sure we do in Georgia, too. I’m sure we do in Georgia too. But, um, we’re so far ahead. We’re so far ahead of these numbers, even the phony ballots of [name], known scammer. You know the Internet? You know what was trending on the Internet? “Where’s [name]?” Because they thought she’d be in jail. “Where’s [name]?” It’s crazy, it’s crazy. That was. The minimum number is 18,000 for [name], but they think it’s probably about 56,000, but the minimum number is 18,000 on the [name] night where she ran back in there when everybody was gone and stuffed, she stuffed the ballot boxes. Let’s face it, Brad, I mean. They did it in slow motion replay magnified, right? She stuffed the ballot boxes. They were stuffed like nobody had ever seen them stuffed before,” he said.

“So there’s a term for it when it’s a machine instead of a ballot box, but she stuffed the machine. She stuffed the ballot — each ballot went three times they were showing: Here’s ballot No 1. Here it is second time, third time, next ballot,” Trump added.

“I mean, look. Brad. We have a new tape that we’re going to release. It’s devastating. And by the way, that one event, that one event is much more than the 11,000 votes that we’re talking about. It’s uh, you know. That one event was a disaster. And it’s just, you know, but it was, it was something, it can’t be disputed. And again we have a version that you haven’t seen but it’s magnified. It’s magnified and you can see everything. For some reason they put it in three times, each ballot, and I don’t know why. I don’t know why three times. Why not five times, right? Go ahead,” the former president continued.

“You’re talking about the State Farm video. And I think it’s extremely unfortunate that Rudy Giuliani or his people, they sliced and diced that video and took it out of context. The next day we brought in WSB-TV and we let them show, see the full run of tape and what you’ll see, the events that transpired are nowhere near what was projected by, you know –,” Raffensperger responded.

“But where were the poll watchers, Brad? There were no poll watchers there. There were no Democrats or Republicans. There was no security there. It was late in the evening, late in the, early in the morning, and there was nobody else in the room. Where were the poll watchers and why did they say a water main broke, which they did and which was reported in the newspapers? They said they left. They ran out because of a water main break, and there was no water main. There was nothing. There was no break. There was no water main break. But we’re, if you take out everything, where were the Republican poll watchers, even where were the Democrat poll watchers, because there were none,” Trump fired off.

“And then you say, well, they left their station, you know, if you look at the tape, and this was, this was reviewed by professional police and detectives and other people, when they left in a rush, everybody left in a rush because of the water main, but everybody left in a rush. These people left their station,” Trump said.

“When they came back, they didn’t go to their station. They went to the apron, wrapped around the table, under which were thousands and thousands of ballots in a box that was not an official or a sealed box. And then they took those. They went back to a different station. So if they would have come back, they would have walked to their station and they would have continued to work. But they couldn’t do even that because that’s illegal, because they had no Republican poll watchers. And remember, her reputation is deva — she’s known all over the Internet, Brad. She’s known all over,” the former president stated.

“I’m telling you, “Where’s [name]” was one of the hot items …[name] They knew her. “Where’s [name]?” So Brad, there can be no justification for that. And I you know, I give everybody the benefit of the doubt. But that was — and Brad, why did they put the votes in three times? You know, they put’em in three times,” he added.

“Mr. President, they did not put that. We did an audit of that and we proved conclusively that they were not scanned three times,” Raffensperger replied.

“Where was everybody else at that late time in the morning? Where was everybody? Where were the Republicans? Where were the security guards? Where were the people that were there just a little while before when everyone ran out of the room. How come we had no security in the room? Why did they run to the bottom of the table? Why do they run there and just open the skirt and rip out the votes? I mean, Brad. And they were sitting there, I think for five hours or something like that, the votes. But they just all happened to run back and go, you know, Brad…” Trump went on to say.

“Mr. President, we’ll send you the link from WSB,” Raffensperger said.

The secretary of state then went on to accuse the former president and his team of splicing the video of Ruby taking the ballots from beneath the table and jamming them through the tabulator. Both Raffensperger and Germany deny this ever happened, going on to defame Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani of editing the video to make it appear that way.

However, then Raffensperger, possibly working with Germany, spliced the phone call from Trump and then shared it with left-leaning media outlets like CNN in order to make it appear like the president was begging the secretary of state to change the outcome of the election without cause.

Things get even worse. A person by the name of Carter Jones made a report for the secretary of state that described the timeline of events that transpired at the State Farm Arena. You can see the report below:

“Carter Jones shared this information on Election Night with attorney Ryan Germany. This showed crimes in that observers were missing. You can see it in the picture. Jones also claims votes were being scanned confirming another crime,” the GP report states.

“Attorney Ryan Germany obtained this information on Election Night and apparently did nothing with it. He didn’t order an investigation. He didn’t have people arrested. He didn’t note that he received this photo and related information of potential crimes being committed with the President of the United States when he had an opportunity to do so,” the report continues.

John Solomon, who recently made an appearance on Steve Bannon’s “The War Room,” program, stated that Raffensperger’s own team said that “bad, bad things” were coming out of Fulton County.

And then, of course, there’s all of the missing chain of custody documents too. There’s plenty of evidence that something fishy happened that night in the state of Georgia.

Raffensperger again and again has claimed that the election in his state was perfect and went off without a hitch. The evidence points to the contrary.

These two individuals need to be held accountable for the part they played in helping the left steal the election from Trump. A full investigation is required as soon as possible.

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