Exposed: Did Corrupt Brad Raffensperger Have State Officials Illegally Open Ballot Boxes To Fold Ballots Previously Identified As “Pristine?”

( Exclusive) – Things in Georgia really aren’t looking good. Tuesday night it was reported that Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office secretly unsealed and opened up a box of ballots to fold them after reports that had previously identified the ballots as being “pristine.”

Real Clear Investigations has reported that several Fulton County poll monitors testified last year that there were boxes of mail-in ballots, all for Joe Biden, that appeared to be in perfect condition. No folds, creases, or wrinkles as you would expect from mail-in ballots.

The ballots looked like they had been run through a photocopy machine and state investigators broke the seal on one suspicious box and supposedly inspected the hundreds of ballots it contained for signs of fraud.

RCI also reports that during this same time, a whistleblower reported to them exclusively that investigators had pressured her to recant her story about what she and other poll monitors had witnessed.

Specifically, her account of the unusually “pristine” mail-in ballots they observed while sorting through ballots during November’s hand recount.

“I felt I was under investigation,” said Suzi Voyles, a longtime Fulton County poll manager.

Voyles sworn affidavits have been used by election watchdogs to sue Fulton County for access to the ballots in question.

Despite the fact that these ballots are at the center of dispute regarding Joe Biden’s supposed win in Georgia, which he only got by a small margin of just less than 12,000 votes, the state investigators never bothered to release the findings of their investigation into the suspicious box of mail-in ballots.

Not only that but they also failed to inform the judge presiding over the lawsuit that they were or had conducted the inspection of the ballots. In January, the judge issued a protective order over the ballots which would prevent such access by Raffensperger and his office.

Attorneys for Raffensperger’s office have recently filed a 9-page amicus brief urging Superior Court Judge Brian Amero to deny petitioners’ requests to inspect the ballots and referring to them as a “fishing expedition.”

Could that be because the state officials know they already went in and dealt with the ballots themselves?

Frances Watson, chief investigator for Raffensperger’s office, confirmed in a statement to RCI that she sent investigators to Fulton County earlier this year to inspect the suspicious batches of sealed ballots.

According to the state, they did not find any ballots that were “pristine” and devoid of creases or folds as described by poll monitors involved in November’s hand recount.

Naturally, we have to wonder if Raffensperger’s cronies went in and unsealed boxes of ballots, not to inspect them, but to correct the issue of missing folds by folding them and then placing them back into the box?

According to the Gateway Pundit, it came to light over the past week that Raffesnperger’s Attorney Ryan Germany was actually aware of fraudulent activities that took place on Election Night but decided not to provide any information about this during a phone call with President Trump.

Raffensperger has also claimed that the 2020 election in Georgia was totally safe and secure despite there being a report disclosing numerous election issues in Fulton County.

Then in May, despite being vehemently opposed to any kind of audits and insisting there was nothing wrong with the election at all, he suddenly changed his tune and said he welcomed a forensic audit of the state’s results.

Clearly Raffensperger is the man behind the curtain in Georgia and he knows that he and his team of state officials have gone in and hid evidence of election fraud and chicanery. Now he’s ready for an audit. Is anyone really surprised by the about-face?

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