Joe Biden Whispers Three Times Into Microphone And It Is Truly Creepy (Video)

( Exclusive) – On Thursday, Joe Biden once again reminded the world of just how unfit he is to hold the nation’s top office.

Biden bizarrely whispered into the microphone while speaking to reporting during an impromptu press conference at the White House. The strange behavior was labeled as “creepy” by almost everyone who saw it and that is probably the best word to describe it.

On three separate occasions Biden hunched himself lower to speak closer to the microphones and proceeded to aggressively whisper while at the podium in the White House East Room.

The first awkward moment came when Biden seemingly tried to emphasize his point while discussing the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal.

When asked about additional relief for families, Biden whispered toward PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor: “I got them $1.9 trillion in relief so far. They’re going to be getting checks in the mail that are consequential this week for child care.”

As if that wasn’t awkward enough. Biden went on to respond to CNN reporter Phil Mattingly in regards to how the deal was brokered despite low expectations. Biden began his response in a normal speaking voice, saying he always thought it was a good outlook.

“I’m not going to negotiate with the press when I’m negotiating privately with my colleagues. And these are very tough decisions. I don’t in any way dismiss what Sen. [Chris] Murphy [D-Conn.] says about the environment. I don’t dismiss it at all,” Biden said.

Then, as if telling Mattingly a secret, he dropped down to the microphone and whispered, “I wrote the bill on the environment. Why would I not be for it?”

He then whispered for yet a third time when he brought up on his own the issue of many American workers not wanting to work low-wage, low-skill jobs in favor of enhanced COVID-19 unemployment benefits.

“Pay them more,” he whispered into the microphone, adding, “This is an employee’s — an employee’s bargaining chip now.”

Naturally, social media erupted with hilarious commentary over Biden’s bizarre whispering.

“This is nuts,” wrote Republican strategist Matt Whitlock, who tweeted a compilation reel.

Abigail Marone, press secretary to Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), tweeted, “The Biden lean in and long whisper into the mic was very very bizarre.”

Podcaster Chase Geiser captioned the clip: “BIDEN: Should I do the whisper thing? INTERN: Definitely.”

One Twitter user wrote, “I’m on team Biden, but when he whispers an answer into the microphone, it’s creepy.”

Republican Governors Association communication director Jesse Hunt wrote, “Biden’s constant whisper may be weirder than Kamala’s constant laugh.”

We’re not sure if it’s weirder than Kamala’s awful cackle but it certainly was bizarre and a solid reminder of just how far gone Biden really is. As Dan Bongino put it in February, Biden’s dementia is “not a mystery, it is the worst kept secret in the White House.”

It’s really time for Biden to undergo a serious mental evaluation. He is a national embarrassment.

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