MLB ‘Trump Won’ Flag Dropper Banished From All Stadiums And Facilities, But He’s Not Done

( Exclusive) – The man who has become famous — or maybe the correct term would be “infamous” — for dropping “Trump Won” banners during Major League Baseball games has officially been banished by the entire league. So much for all that tolerance, right? Leftists are ruining sports.

According to a report from The Gateway Pundit, Dion Cini, the man responsible for the “Trump Won Save America” banners at MLB games across multiple stadiums recently shared the letter he received from the MLB.

“During the course of the past several weeks, you entered Major League Baseball stadiums in New York, Boston and Philadelphia for the purpose of conducting ‘flag drops,’” the letter reads, adding, “This activity is prohibited at each of these stadiums, and your fan code of conduct violations resulted in your ejection from each of them. A review of your public statements indicates that you intend to continue this behavior at other Major League Baseball stadiums, and that you are encouraging others to conduct themselves likewise.”

“For these reasons, and effective immediately, you are hereby banned from all Major League Baseball stadiums and facilities, indefinitely,” it concluded.

One of the incidents referred to in the letter happened at Fenway Park. The banner was unfurled during a Monday evening Boston Red Sox Game. What the left really doesn’t want you to know is that the crowd went crazy with cheers after the banner was revealed.

The individual who unfurled the banner was escorted out of the stadium for allegedly violating the park’s policy of prohibiting signs. Another banner was spotted at a Mets game and one at Yankee Stadium, then during a Marlins game.

And the movement spread out of the United States. In fact, a “Trump Won” banner popped up in Switzerland during President Biden’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The niece of Osama bin Laden, Noor Bin Laden, who is a really big fan of Trump’s, flashed the sign from her boat.

It’s clear from all of the excitement surrounding these signs that the American people are still behind former President Donald Trump. He hasn’t lost a bit of support from average American voters in this country.

A great example of this comes from the fact that Trump actually received a heck of a welcome during his first rally of the year in Wellington, Ohio, where fans gave him the loudest cheers of the evening.

During this rally, the crowd shouted “Four More Years!” and other chants about how much CNN sucks among many other favorite slogans. However, as loud and passionate as these chants were, the best of the night was “Trump won!”

Now if only we could get all key battleground states to do a forensic audit on the election results, we might be able to get back to putting our country first and making peace in the Middle East, as Trump was in the middle of doing when the Democrats stole the election.

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