Needed Right Now: Confronting ‘Critical Race Theory” with a Little Critical THINKING

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Surge Summary: There is lots of talk about Critical Race Theory nowadays. It’s a bogus and destructive theory, promoted by Leftists who want to use minorities and easily gulled white people to stay in power – and more critical thinking from the American people would make that obvious.

by Rob Pue

So all seems “quiet” now in the country since the “Commander in Thief” has taken up residence in the White House. Things may seem quiet, but do not be deceived. There’s a deep, ugly sludge oozing out across our land and the demoniacs have quietly been having a field day. The reason things seem “quiet” and peaceful now, by the way, is that they’ve halted their rioting, burning, looting, destroying and terrorism to give the “illusion” of peace. But again, there is no peace, only an illusion, as they quietly continue to push their liberal, Leftist, Communist agenda, all under the radar of most Americans.

The latest nefarious scheme the Left is pushing is Critical Race Theory. And as always, corporate America is eating from their hands. They can’t move fast enough, pridefully advertise the obscene amounts of money they’re throwing at this movement loudly enough or flood the airwaves and the atmosphere with more anti-Christ propaganda and indoctrination thickly enough. I find it sickening.

Critical Race Theory, for those who are unaware, is the idea that racism is systemic in all America’s institutions and that this “systemic racism” is so engrained in all of society that it serves to maintain the dominance of white people while keeping all others “down.” In simple terms, white people are inherently evil, hateful and racist, whereas it is impossible for any other ‘race’ to be so.

What’s so concerning about all this is that, just like the militant LGBTQP+ agenda, transgenderism, “democratic socialism” and communism, Critical Race Theory is now also being embraced and taught in our public school systems, from kindergarten on up. It’s even more aggressively pursued in college classrooms. Of course, after twelve years in public school, college students are already so indoctrinated with so many lies from the pits of hell, they’re not only ready, but eager to embrace the idea that all white people are inherently evil.

Last year, Black Lives Matter exploded onto the scene with nation-wide terrorism, and many of the participants in that self-proclaimed Marxist movement were white. We saw videos of college age white girls kneeling down and kissing the feet of angry black men, apologizing for their “whiteness.” We saw those same angry black men vowing that white people would soon be placed in captivity and forced to be the slaves of the superior Black ‘race.’

You may have heard about Coca Cola’s “diversity training program” held this past February, where employees were told, “In the US and other Western nations, white people are socialized to feel that they are inherently superior because they are white.” (That’s a direct quote) Their training course went on to assert that “Research shows that by age 3 to 4, children understand that it is better to be white.” But there was more.  Documents from this training stated, “To be less white is to: be less oppressive, be less arrogant, be less certain, be less defensive, be less ignorant, be more humble, and break with white solidarity.” The famous slogan from Coke’s employee training was “Try to be less white.”

I doubt that this so-called “diversity training” has been limited to the Coca Cola corporation. That’s the one we heard about. But no doubt this stuff is being pushed by hundreds of American corporations now, in our modern day so-called “woke” society. I don’t know about you, but I find this all extremely offensive. We’re being told — our KIDS are being told — that white people are inherently oppressive, arrogant, ignorant and adhere to the idea of “white supremacy.” The critically-thinking adult has the capacity to see all this and reject it as the demonic pack of lies it is. Our young people do not have that discernment. If the teacher says it’s true, it must be true. If the TV news says it’s true, it must be true. If the Hollywood and music celebrities, they worship say it’s true — and the newest bandwagon to jump on — they’re all in.

I’m so tired of this. Racism was absolutely not a problem in America when I was growing up in the 1970s. America was a melting pot of hard-working people of all colors and ancestries. Yes, there was a “White Supremacy” movement, but it was made up of “Nazi Skinheads” and the like, and nobody embraced such ideologies. If you think back, racial tensions, riots and terrorism had been pretty much completely eliminated from our society until Obama took office. Then, using his “community organizing” skills, he quickly started the “divide and conquer” strategy he was placed in office to carry out.

Now yes, I am addressing this issue as an older, white, conservative Christian male. (We’ve also been asked to simply accept the idea that masculinity is inherently “toxic,” by the way, in case you’ve forgotten). But I’m just an average guy and I think I represent the views of other older, white conservate Christian males pretty accurately. I can tell you that I’m NOT racist, NOT bigoted and do NOT hate anyone because of the color of their skin. The color of one’s skin has no more influence on me than the color of one’s car.

I have dear friends who are Black, Hispanic, Asian, Eastern European, and Russian. I don’t divide or label people according to their heritage. I value them for who they are, what they do, for the different relationships I have with each of them. I don’t view people in general by their race. People are people. There is only one race — the Human race. We’re all descendants of Noah.

As for America, all of us here, unless we’re Native Americans, are immigrants. We come from many lands, many cultures. But we’re here because our forefathers sought freedom, opportunity and equality and this country still offers these things today. But instead of the “melting pot” we used to be, today we’re more like a tossed salad. Modern day immigrants no longer seek to assimilate, to be a part of “One Nation Under God.” Instead, they refuse to learn English, refuse to learn our history and heritage and embrace America as the land of the free. They want the benefits of being an American without ever actually becoming one.

Now before you get all worked up, yes, I am aware of the slave trade in America. African slaves did not come here seeking freedom. They were sold here as slaves. But are you aware that those African slaves were sold into slavery by other black people? Are you aware that it was the Republican party and the Christians that ended slavery? Are you aware that it was the democrat party that fought to keep black people enslaved, that founded and formed the KKK? Did you know that? Look it up.

Blaming a young white girl for slavery in the 1800s is like blaming a young Japanese girl for Pearl Harbor. How stupid would that be? Yet that’s what we’re being told to embrace with Critical Race Theory. Basically, they want to stir up an inherent hatred of all white people, especially white males, especially white Christian males.  There were plenty of white American Christians fighting for civil rights in the 1950s and ‘60s, and by the 1980s, we had long since moved on as a nation, repented of the evils of those early days and if not for the meddling of race-baiters, we might still have peace in this country.

But basically, the message we’re supposed to accept now is that black people are always victims, always treated unfairly, always taken advantage of, always oppressed, always persecuted by their white neighbors and by an unfair system — designed by white people to keep black people down.

But is that true? I would submit to you that Martin Luther King’s dream has been achieved and it was achieved a long time ago. Until Obama came along, and more recently the militant Communist, Lucifierian Leftists, people were judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. But the Communist agenda to destroy a nation from within includes the necessity of internal division and strife. And that’s just what Critical Race Theory was designed for.

I will go even further and state that there are, today, more social programs available specifically to black people than ever before in history. Some run by government, some by private organizations. If a black person — or a person of any minority — desires to have a better life, an education, even preferential treatment for college admission, preference for a good paying job, even preference for a low-rate home mortgage, it’s readily available. At the same time, so is welfare, free housing, food stamps and a myriad of other “entitlements.” So please, don’t try to use race as an excuse for remaining “oppressed” or trapped in an impoverished inner-city neighborhood. By the way, those impoverished inner city neighborhoods are also purposely made and kept that way by the same Leftists currently working their hardest to destroy our entire country. If you want to see what America will look like under their Communist “Utopia,” just look at an inner-city slum. That is what THEY created for black people (and they purposely did it to keep black people impoverished), and that’s what they’re now creating for the rest of our nation, with government handouts, ongoing cash payments and so-called “stimulus checks.” We’re slowly being boiled to death in a pot of warm water that’s getting hotter every day, but so many find it comfortable, and so many seem to enjoy having no personal responsibility. There’s a shortage of workers everywhere you look in America. Businesses can no longer function because no one wants to work. Because Big Brother Government is handing out “free” money — but beware, folks. The mouse in the trap never understood why the cheese was free.

Ultimately, it’s up to every individual as to what he or she will do with the life God has given them. If anyone, black, white or purple, wants a better life, an education, a good job, a nice home in a nice neighborhood, it’s still possible to obtain all that in America today, with hard work. And for those living below the poverty line or in a blighted neighborhood, as a black person or as any other minority, it’s actually even easier to obtain because there are a great many special programs designed especially to help these individuals.

As I drive through blighted inner-city neighborhoods I always wonder, “why does no one living here ever travel outside the neighborhood?” You can go from the utter poverty of the housing projects to universities, or to beautiful suburban communities with landscaped yards and manicured lawns in a matter of minutes. Within a half hour you can be in the countryside looking at rolling hills and meadows and farmland. There is LIFE outside the ghetto. There are programs waiting to help people get there, and get there for FREE! Why do they choose to remain victims of Leftist slavery? It’s not white people who are enslaving them. It’s the Leftist demons with the carrot and stick, keeping them where they are. Good little obedient democratic socialist slaves.

I must go back to the concept of the content of one’s character. Please don’t talk to me about “white privilege.” There is no such thing. When I started my own business as a very young man, I went to the bank seeking a small business loan. The banker told me point blank: “I’m sorry, but you’re the wrong color and the wrong gender.” If I were Black, Asian or a female, there were plenty of programs I would have qualified for. But as a single, white male…nothing.

Sadly, today black people — and other minorities — continue to be used as pawns in a perverted game invented and run by the Left, and I’m sick of it. Instead of holding up inspirational leaders like Dr. Ben Carson, Candace Owens, Allen West or Sheriff David Clarke, we get BLM. We get racism and rage. Yes, it does, indeed, exist. But the racism in America is not white people hating blacks — that’s as fake as the news on CNN. It’s the Leftist Marxists taking advantage of blacks (and young, ignorant white college students) and brainwashing them with hateful rhetoric, disinformation and outright lies, to intentionally stir up division and bring about the revolution that will ultimately bring America to it’s destruction. Stop buying into these lies. Instead of Critical Race THEORY, how about just a little bit of critial THINKING?!

The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

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