BREAKING: Pelosi Appoints Trump Hater Liz Cheney To Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Select Committee

( Exclusive) – Democrats are desperate to keep COVID and the Jan. 6 narratives alive and well and they’re doing everything they can to prove that.

Instead of doing the will of the American people, which they usurped during the 2020 election anyway, they’re spending their time pushing for radical, far-left policies and peddling propaganda aimed at the continued political persecution of President Trump and his supporters.

The Jan. 6 riot was as big of a charade of the 2020 US presidential election yet Democrats in Congress are literally categorizing it as a 9/11-level event.

On Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tapped Trump-hating RINO Liz Cheney to her newly formed select committee to investigate the Jan. 6 riot. Cheney is the only Republican chosen by Pelosi among the 8 people she appointed.

“We’re very honored and proud that she has agreed to serve on the committee,” Pelosi said Thursday after making the announcement of Cheney’s appointment.

Naturally, Cheney would be selected by Pelosi. The two hate President Trump equally and both serve the establishment.

Cheney has already been ousted from her GOP House leadership role for routinely bashing President Trump and blaming him for the Jan. 6 event which more and more evidence seems to indicate was actually orchestrated by the Deep State FBI rather than Trump supporters.

No matter. Cheney is dead-set on doing everything she can to make President Trump and his supporters look as bad as possible.

Prior to being appointed, Cheney voted with all Democrats on Wednesday in favor of forming the committee along with fellow RINO Adam Kinzinger (R-IL).

Cheney contended that the committee is the only option left to thoroughly investigate the “unprecedented assault on Congress.”

We all know, however, that the committee will be nothing more than a partisan witch hunt rather than any kind of unbiased investigation, as that is what it has been from the beginning. These people can’t actually think they’re fooling anyone with their nonsense talking points.

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy has called out the committee as partisan and has threatened to strip Republicans of their committee assignments should they accept an invitation by Pelosi to join the panel.

Cheney has made a habit of spitting in the GOP’s face, however, and happily accepted Pelosi’s invitation and said she’s “honored” to join the committee.

“What happened on January 6th can never happen again,” Cheney said in a statement. “Those who are responsible for the attack need to be held accountable and this select committee will fulfill that responsibility in a professional, expeditious, and non-partisan manner.”

Could she be anymore full of crap?

The other appointees selected by Pelosi include Rep. Bennie Thompson, who will serve as the chairperson, and Reps. Zoe Lofgren, the chair of the House Administration Committee; Adam Schiff, chair of the Intelligence Committee, as well as Reps. Pete Aguilar of California, Stephanie Murphy of Florida, Jamie Raskin of Maryland and Elaine Luria of Virginia.

Later on Thursday, Cheney joined the Democratic committee members at the Capitol and expressed confidence in the work ahead. “It will be thorough, it will be professional, it will be serious, and not partisan,” she told reporters. “I think this is something where we all have to come together.”

The only thing they’re coming together on is their hatred for President Trump, his supporters and the MAGA movement.

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