ALERT: FBI Drops Thousands Of Documents On Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich — After Years Of Insisting They Have Nothing

( Exclusive) – Who killed former DNC staffer Seth Rich and why? We still don’t know the answer to these questions but the FBI likely does. After insisting for years that they weren’t investigating his murder and had nothing on him, they just released thousands of pages of documents onto the FBI Vault.

Not only were they lying about not investigating his death but they have been concealing thousands of pages of information that could potentially hold the answers to who killed him and why.

As you know, Rich was the former DNC staffer who was linked to the email leaks exposed by WikiLeaks. It has never been confirmed that Rich was the one who actually leaked the emails but suspicion that it was him has always been strong.

In 2016, just months before the 2016 presidential election Rich was murdered near his Washington DC home. Authorities have tried to convince the world that it was a robbery gone bad but the truth appears to be much darker and more sinister.

The Gateway Pundit reports that for four years the FBI has been lying about the information they have on Seth Rich. Just this past December, however, the corrupt Deep State organization finally came clean and announced they had over 20,000 pages and a laptop all related to Seth Rich (screen shots here, here and here).

The Seth Rich saga all begins with the release of emails to WikiLeaks related to the DNC and their corrupt presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, along with her Campaign Manager John Podesta.

The emails exposed Podesta’s propensity for corruption along with his, and others surrounding Clinton’s, elitist attitude towards the American people. It also revealed the Clinton campaign’s willingness to do whatever it took to win the election.

Back in June of 2016, Deep State operative Ellen Nakashima was reporting that the DNC had been hacked by Russia and this allegation was quickly verified by Crowdstrike with its president Shawn Henry confirming the claims.

In December of 2016, Nakashima came to the false conclusion that Russia hacked the DNC because they were working to interfere in our election on behalf of President Trump.

She also insisted that the Intelligence Community was able to determine that Russia sent the emails to WikiLeaks and this was later corroborated by Mueller and his gang in their efforts to have Trump removed from office.

Democrats used the fake information surrounding these WikiLeak emails for the entire four years Trump was in office in one attempt after another to have him unlawfully and unconstitutionally removed against the will of the American people who had elected him.

As we all know, their lies were exposed and their attempts to oust him were unsuccessful. That is, of course, until the fraudulent 2020 election.

Nonetheless, now we know that the FBI had, in fact, been investigating the murder of Seth Rich and has thousands upon thousands of documents proving they have known a lot more than they’ve been willing to say.

The FBI is as corrupt as it gets.

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