New Evidence On 10,300 Illegal Votes Cast In Georgia’s 2020 Election

( Exclusive) – The fraudulent 2020 election is on the verge of being exposed and Joe Biden and his regime know it. That’s why they’re scrambling to do everything they can to stop the truth from coming out.

Fortunately, the tenacity of freedom-loving patriots around the US is paying off and despite their best efforts, more and more proof is piling up every day.

Evidence is now pointing to over 10,300 illegal votes in Georgia cast by people who no longer lived in the county they voted in.

According to Georgia law, these are illegal votes and with the margin that Trump lost by in the Peach State, every single vote must be adequately scrutinized and proven to either be valid or illegal.

The list of illegal votes continues to grow as more and more Georgians update their Georgia voter registrations with their current addresses.

Georgia law, like most states, says that residents must vote in the county where they live unless they move within 30 days of the election. So, unless someone moved on October 3, 2020 or later, they would be required to vote in whatever county they moved to.

When people move they often update their address with the post office right away so they don’t lose out on receiving their mail. While people are expected to also update their address change with places like the Motor Vehicles Department and other government agencies, a lot of the time people take weeks to make the official changes.

If they don’t make the change right away, there is no way for their voter registration to be updated either and therefore people could illegally vote in a county they no longer live in.

The Gateway Pundit reports that the President of Data Productions Inc, Mark Davis, is an expert in voter data analytics and residency issues. Since the 2020 election, Davis has been analyzing the Post Office National Change of Address (NCOA) database along with voter registration data from the Georgia Secretary of State’s office.

Davis found that 35,000 Georgia residents had moved from one county to another with more than 30 days until the election. Davis recently received an updated report and as of May, 2020, more than 10,300 people updated their voter registration with the same exact address they updated with the USPS last year at least 30 days prior to the election.

These 10,300 residents voted in the counties of their old addresses despite having moved to a different county.

State officials in Georgia claim that the NCOA information is not reliable and does not provide sufficient magnitude to change the election. However, with Trump only losing by less than 13,000 votes in the states, we would contend that it absolutely does provide sufficient magnitude in regards to the final election outcome.

What is the point in having election laws if they aren’t being followed? Why should people be permitted to vote in counties in which they no longer live? These votes should be invalidated and thrown out. Nobody should be above any laws, including election laws.

We either have law and order in the US or we don’t. The Democrats would prefer that we didn’t. They have no problem with laws being disregarded and downright violated. That’s the reason they “won” the 2020 election.

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