PA State Senator Responds To Gov. Wolf & Dem Leaders Attempt To Block Legal Forensic Audit

( Exclusive) – With the Arizona audit wrapping up other states are getting in the fight. Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano announced last week that he had initiated a forensic audit of the 2020 election results in several PA counties.

This naturally upset Democrat Governor Tom Wolf and his cohorts and even spurred Joe Biden’s handlers to arrange a trip for him to visit the Keystone State on Tuesday, July 13, to support the efforts to stop any audits.

Why on earth are Democrats still continuing to fight so hard against election transparency? Around 40% of Pennsylvania voters say they no longer have any trust or faith in the system. The only way to restore that trust is by doing the audits.

Either Democrats will be proven right and no fraud or unconstitutional activity will be found or Republicans will be vindicated. However, Pennsylvania can’t move forward until all residents are confident that their votes do, in fact, count.

After Mastriano announced the initiation of the audits, the Pennsylvania Department of State issued a directive on Friday instructing county election boards not to cooperate with the audits.

“It also jeopardizes the security and integrity of the systems and will prevent electronic voting system vendors from affirming that the systems continue to meet Commonwealth security standards and U.S. Election Assistance Commission certification,” Acting Secretary of State Veronica W. Degraffenreid wrote.

Election integrity and transparency should be a bi-partisan concern and yet Democrats are outright fighting these efforts tooth and nail. Their excuses for not wanting the audits to be performed seem endless and every single one is nothing short of B.S.

Mastriano responded to the State Department’s tactics on Monday, calling the directive a “convergence of scare tactics” to “obstruct a forensic investigation.”

“On Friday, the Acting Secretary of State issued a veiled threat disguised as a ‘directive’ to all 67 counties in Pennsylvania,” Mastriano wrote. “This threat implied that any county who participates in a forensic investigation and allows access of electronic voting systems to ‘third party entities not directly involved in the conduct of elections’ will have their machines automatically decertified and retired before the next election.”

“What we are seeing is a convergence of scare tactics from the Wolf Administration and the Attorney General to intimidate county officials and obstruct a forensic investigation.”

Mastriano continued, calling out Governor Wolf and PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro for “standing in the way of the constitutional authority of the General Assembly.”

“For people who once lectured the state about transparency and accountability, we all ask, what do they have to hide?” He asked before vowing to “press forward” with efforts to complete the investigations.

He also pointed out that Degraffenreid’s “directive” lacks authority as she has not yet been confirmed as Secretary of State by the Senate.

In a video statement issued Saturday, Mastriano asked PA voters “what’s wrong with trying to find out what worked with our election and what did not?”

Great question! What is wrong with that? You would think everybody on both sides of the aisle would be in favor of finding out what worked and what didn’t in the 2020 election.

The problem is that, thus far, the Democrats underhanded tactics have worked and they don’t want that exposed. It’s the only reasonable explanation as to why they continue to put up such a fight when it comes to the conducting of investigations and audits.

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