Emmanuel Macron Makes The COVID Jab Mandatory In France For All Health Care Workers As He Vows To Achieve 100% Vaccination Threshold Shortly

France is to make coronavirus vaccination passes compulsory for bars, cafés and restaurants, President Emmanuel Macron announced tonight.

Yesterday we told you that French president Emmanuel Macron was making the EU Digital Covid Certificate ‘health pass’ mandatory in France, today he dropped the other shoe. Now there will be mandatory vaccinations for all French healthcare workers. No jab? No job, or as the French say, “pas de jab pas de meuniers de travail!” Are you starting to see what we told you a year ago? That the vaccine will soon be mandatory for the entire world. Don’t believe me? You’re watching it happen.

“And Jacob called unto his sons, and said, Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the last days.” Genesis 49:1 (KJB)

In America, the Biden pretend presidency is sending out minions to intimidate the populace into receiving the jab, press secretary Psaki said yesterday that the administration supports mandatory vaccinations on the state and local level, and encourages them to proceed in that direction. At this rate, there will be mandatory vaccinations before the end of the year, I do not see any reason why that will not happen within that time frame. You can read my response below.

President Macron says only the immune can go to French bars and restaurants, makes Covid jabs compulsory for care workers in dramatic national address

FROM THE DAILY MAIL UK: In a dramatic TV address to the nation from Paris, Mr Macron said the spread of the Delta Covid variant meant tough new measures were essential. He also said there would be ‘compulsory vaccinations’ for those working with ‘fragile people,’ such as the elderly and the disabled, as France moved towards 100 per cent vaccination. Health experts fear that a fourth wave, once predicted for the autumn, has already begun in the country.

Mr Macron began his speech at 8:00 p.m. local time on Tuesday in optimistic mood, saying: ‘Thanks to the exceptional commitment of our caregivers, thanks to your good citizenship, we have managed to control the epidemic and breathe again.’ But he said there still had to be a balance found between the ongoing ‘need to protect lives’ and ‘freedom’.

‘The more we vaccinate, the less space we will leave for the virus to spread,’ said Mr Macron ‘It is a new speed race that is underway. We must move towards the vaccination of all French people.’

Mr Macron told care workers: ‘You will have until September 15 to get vaccinated. From September 15, checks will be made and sanctions applied’.

As well as being asked for vaccination passes on long distance planes, coaches and restaurants, anyone going out to eat or drink will need one from August 1.

‘From the beginning of August, the health pass will apply to cafés, restaurants, hospitals, retirement homes, and long-distance transport: planes, trains and coaches for long journeys,’ said Mr Macron.

This measure will apply to thousands of British tourists who are hoping to holiday in France this summer.

Mr Macron said: ‘From this week, border controls will be further reinforced for nationals from countries at risk, with forced isolation for unvaccinated travellers.  From July 21, use of the health pass will be extended to places of leisure and culture. For all our compatriots over 12 years old, it will be necessary to have been vaccinated or have a negative test to access a show, an amusement park, a concert or a festival. So far, only 42 per cent of hospital workers and 49 per cent of those working in the care system are completely vaccinated.’

France’s health passport is available on an anti-Covid app, and can show that a person is either fully vaccinated, has recently recovered from Covid or has tested negative in the past 72 hours. Macron’s announcement on Monday came just three days after France threw open its nightclubs’ doors for the first time in 16 months. READ MORE

French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday announced that the COVID-19 vaccine would be mandatory for all health workers and those working in long-term care homes. Macron also said anyone wanting to travel by train, bus or air, or access a number of venues, including cinemas, amusement parks and concerts would have to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.

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